so this rug thing…

I’m crocheting along on this rug, when suddenly I start thinking, “This would make a nice blanket…”1-DSC_0001Oh noes.

The beige parts are much lighter in person, the photo colours are over saturated but I couldn’t quite fix it in Picasa.  That wooden balustrade in the background is actually a light maple shade.

At any rate, this may become a blanket or remain a rug, the cotton is so soft and squishy.  I’m also thinking of adding some surface embroidery.

He needs a name

1-DSC_0005I have been holding out on you, there’s a new man in my life.  He’s only four inches tall and made of resin.  I bought him after my mom died, as a gift for me this Christmas past.  I hoped having him would help lighten my mood, the holidays are hard enough as it is, but this past one was especially difficult.  He will be the last ball-jointed doll I buy, at least for a long, long while.  I had been waiting and looking for another realpuki, so it wasn’t exactly an impulse buy. I don’t think anything would have helped my mood, and he has spent the last few months napping in the doll trunk he shares with Pickledip.  However, lately, I have been taking an interest in things again and felt it was time to give him a proper introduction on the blog. 1-DSC_0003Here he decided to photo bomb Pickledip, as I tried to get a pic of her new dress.  After some thought and discussion, he will henceforth be known as Mojo, so I will never be without my personal Mojo ever again. 1-DSC_0008 The technical specs, he’s a Fairyland Real Puki Full Package Titi Hummingbird.  It was a hard choice between this one and Parrotbill Toki, but I figure I can make a top hat similar to Toki’s.  The Hummingbird mask would have been much more difficult to make.

Working on a few things

I haven’t had much to say, things are the same as usual.  I did start a rug for the bathroom, and I have been trying to finish off the pillow top I started ages ago.  I looked to see if I could find the photo I posted before, but all I found was an unpublished draft detailing the specifics of the pillow as I was making it.  I have about three more rounds to go on the top, so hopefully it won’t be much longer before I’m done with it.  I still need to order the insert and make the backing, the first I can get from Amazon and the second will be much simpler in design than the front.

The rug is made of cotton yarn and will be alternating stripes of white and ecru.  Each stripe will be 2 inches in width, I’m 2 stripes in.  I want to finish the pillow top first before going further with the rug.  The pillow has been sitting on my night table for far too long, it would be nice to complete it.

The third thing I am making, which comes as a surprise, is a new doll outfit for Pickledip the ball-jointed doll.  It’s been a while since I made any doll clothes, I had lost interest in the flower gown I was making before so she’s been standing on my desk in an incomplete gown all this time.  This one is also a dress, its made of a jersey knit in cadet blue.  I’m almost done with it.  In the process of making the dress, I also came up with a skirt.

Photos of completed items coming soon as I get something done enough to photograph.


Feeling Uninspired

Lately I have seen so many cute projects, but nothing says “YES!  Make me!!!”  I don’t know what the issue is, I even have a painting that is singing its siren song to me… nope, don’t know what I want to do with it right now.  It has potential to be a good one but I don’t want to mess it up.  I ripped the large blue border off the CAL square, leaving the smaller blue border in place.  I like it better.  I saw a crocheted rug using fabric, its super cute.  I’ve seen them before but usually they are round, this one was rectangular and striped.  They used quilting fabric by the looks of it.  Anyhow, I am debating whether to start one or not.  I need a 16″ x 96″ rug for my bathroom and I’m not going to get one unless I make it myself.  Honestly though, I don’t feel like it.  I still have the small bathmat I crocheted a while back using cotton yarn, it hasn’t been used yet.  I also have 2 spools of Lion Brand craft cotton yarn, one in white and one in ecru, those might be enough for my rug.  Easier than making yarn from fabric, then crocheting.  *sigh*  Motivation, where have you gone?  I haven’t even worked on Horatio, if I gave him feet, he’d look a little like a Shmoo.  Shmoo is awesome, but even that doesn’t inspire me enough to get working.  Blah.  If anyone sees my Mojo running around, please send it home.

New Link

I added buttons, one to link to from this blog to the art blog, and one on the art blog to link to here.  If anyone feels like testing them to see if they work as advertised, I would appreciate it.  They work for me, but you know how that is.

Oh, and here’s a cat pic, just because.











According to WP, 23% of my posts are published on a Thursday, while 26% of my views happen on Wednesday at 12pm.  So the one person who actually reads my blog might want to switch to Friday at 12pm… just kidding, no one actually reads this blog.  WP is probably counting me on Wednesday as I write Thursday’s post.  I had no idea I publish more on Thursday than any other, I’m equally unbusy on the other days.  I’m now wondering whether to continue with the trend or change it.

car ride squares

The out of town company came and left, I think I slept two days straight afterwards.  I didn’t have to do much cooking, they preferred to go out to eat; I’m not sure whether to feel insulted or relieved.  They picked a bad time to come out, everything they wanted to see was closed.  On one of our outings I made two granny squares, crochet has made car rides tolerable, otherwise I’d be much crankier.  Overall, the visit was uneventful.

Not sure what I will do with the squares, other than make more of them.



After they left, I worked on the CAL (Lily Pond) some more.  I’m having trouble understanding the pattern in places but I’m getting there.



I don’t like the big blue border and after I took the photo I did the embroidered parts in the center, I didn’t like those either.  This CAL is turning into one big expensive disaster for me.  It may be time to cut my losses and try to make something with what I have.