Lingering ouchies

Shoulder strain in keyboard workers and its alleviation by arm supports.
Erdelyi A1, Sihvonen T, Helin P, Hänninen O.


Keyboard work consists mostly of dynamic contractions of the small muscles of the forearms and hands. This is accompanied by continuous activity in the arm, shoulder and neck muscles keeping the head and hand in the correct position. Eliminating the weight from the arm by means of support and the position of the arms influences the electrical activity of shoulder muscles when working at a keyboard. We studied the influence of elbow angle; as well as that of different arm supports, on electrical activity of upper trapezius muscle during keyboard work in healthy workers and persons suffering from shoulder pains. The measurements were carried out in the laboratory. EMG activities, which where measured as mean square root (RMS)-values at every 100-millisecond period in trapezius muscle when working, were lower, the greater the elbow angle. Furthermore electrical activity decreased when subjects used arm supports while working. It is evident that the static load to shoulder muscles can be lowered significantly in keyboard work, when the forearms are at an angle of at least 100 degrees and by using arm supports. The most convenient and ergonomic working position can also be found individually be the method used here.

In other words, I need to take a break from the keyboard for an extended amount of time.  I’ve been struggling with shoulder, bicep, and forearm pain (right arm) for several months, and it is directly related to my job.  Now I have some time off, I hope to get a handle on this pain and come up with a solution to keep it from happening in the future.  I’ve been making excuses to myself about why I’m not blogging,  but really it just hurts.  Its not a bad injury, more of a strain but it won’t go away if I keep doing the things causing the strain.

A day off!

I didn’t realize how much I appreciate my Saturdays, until I had to work during one last weekend.  This past week I was utterly exhausted as a result.

This is what I did with my day off:

DSCN0189 DSCN0187 DSCN0188

The succulents are placed in the wire basket until I find something better for them, or get some decorative moss to place around the pots.  The lilies in the other two containers came out of the white planter.  They have been over wintering in there for several years, with little or no attention from anyone.  They started as one bulb, now I have many.  I didn’t bother to count.  I cannot remember the variety, I’ll have to see what the blooms look like, if they bloom.  I figure they will grow better if spread out a bit.  The other plants in the white planter are the ones I mentioned ordering in this post.  Essentially two sweet potato vines and a lantana.

Still working on the star blanket (crochet) and a shawl (knit).  Work will be winding down in two weeks, or so I am told.  I’m really, really looking forward to some time off, finances be damned.

Windowsill Garden

DSCN0185I bought this set for my father because he was becoming interested in using fresh cooking herbs.  From left to right, there is sage, rosemary and thyme, I think they look cute, hope they live.  Of course, he totally stopped experimenting with herbs after receiving the plants, I think he feels threatened by them.