Circular scarf, an experiment with texture

1-DSC_0002I started this a while back and even blogged about it here.  I picked up again recently and managed to actually finish it.  It’s far from perfect as there are several mistakes in the cabling section, as well an awkward transition from the garter stitch to the woven cables.  The mistakes don’t bug me like they should, I figure this is something I plan to wear when it gets cold out and I won’t have to worry about ruining something “perfect”.  Besides, even mistakes have their own texture and it wasn’t like I was knitting with pristine yarn; Liz left her mark, indeed she did.  To top it all off, the photo is blurry as well.

On the bright side, it is very soft and warm, and can be worn around my shoulders when it isn’t doubled up.

A short yarn about yarn, or the “Glue dilemma”

It all started with me at the computer, the dog came in to visit being her sweet self.  All of a sudden, she runs out the door, ripping the front cover of my computer tower right off its hinges.  Its metal, so was unharmed, but the place it attaches to on the computer is plastic, and that piece had snapped right off.  Oh no.

Ever try to glue plastic?  Its not easy.

I did some research on the internet on good glues for plastic.  Once I had a brand name, I headed to Amazon to see what I could find, and BEHOLD, there was my glue, a 2-part epoxy formulated for plastics.  It wasn’t too expensive, though I would have preferred having an unbroken computer cover to buying glue for a single use.

Now everybody knows, one doesn’t just buy one thing from Amazon, and what else would I look at but YARN.  Well one thing lead to another and I ended up with three skeins of yarn in my cart, along with the glue.

I didn’t NEED any thing, no glue or yarn… I could have coexisted with my beat up ghetto computer case.  However, once I decided that I was going to fix the case if it was humanly possible… somehow yarn had to be involved, and yes, the yarn cost more than the glue.

So… it looks like I will be designing a new blanket, thanks to a bottle of glue, a broken computer case, and a border collie.

I’m alive!

Made it through my first day back to work!  Glad I have tomorrow off though because I am dog tired.  The clothes I ordered fit, a fact I am grateful for.  One of the pants were out of stock so I’m a bit bummed about that.  I’ll have to make do with 2 pairs for now.

I have no projects to show you, my arms and hands are too tired for crochet, or anything else for that matter.  I did cook dinner and my father actually nagged me about the dishes.  I am going to assume he was joking, ha. ha. ha.  He’s such a kidder.  You know what he did today?  Took 2 naps and played a video game, he also checked the mail twice.

Last night I did make Motif #70 from Beyond the Square Crochet, using the leftover Caron’s I have.  I linked to someone else’s photo so you can see it, mine is bigger and grey.  I was thinking it might make for a good blanket motif with the centers done in a contrasting colour.  Red would look hot with the grey I think.  This may become a thing after the rug is done.

I started reading, Make Art Make Money: Lessons from Jim Henson on Fueling Your Creative Career, by Elizabeth Hyde Stevens.  I only have the sample (Kindle) but so far it is an interesting read.  I might buy it but I will check the reviews first, sometimes the sample is the best part of a book.

I’ve been thinking about making miniature furniture… well, really I’ve been wanting to make life size furniture but I’m not a carpenter so miniature it is.  It may not all be to scale, I’ll have to see what I come up with.  Maybe I will finally knit that television from the Mochimochi book.

I was reading back over this and I think I’m coming back to life, at least mentally.  Physically… well, I’ll let you know after a few days.


This heat we’re having makes me want to do nothing, not even cook.  And the rug I’m making is getting to an awkward size, and the cones of yarn I’m using for it are starting to look skimpy.  And I dreamt a guy I’m attracted to was talking to my dead mother, I haven’t a clue what that means other than I wasn’t happy about it in the dream.  She was alive in the dream, it wasn’t like he had ahold of her urn or anything.  And I had to spend money on clothes for work, and I still need new walking shoes.  I hope my old ones will hold out a little longer.

And… I just wanted to complain.  I have a headache which may be an air pressure thing.  I am also trying to transition back to waking up early.  I’m tired.  Here’s hoping I’m not too fat for the clothes I bought, I’ll likely lose weight now I am working again but I need something comfortable and weather appropriate in the meantime.  It doesn’t help when the reviews read like, “I bought a size 2 and they were just swimming on me.”  Oh you poor thing, may I ask why someone who wears a size 2 need pants with an elastic waistband?  If I was that size, it wouldn’t be my first choice. I would also eat a cheeseburger, maybe two, while reveling in my size 2ness.

I have on order 2 pairs of pants, one pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a casual top, I also paid for expedited shipping.  I could have bought yarn with that money!  Work is a casual clothes environment and I really needed to refresh my wardrobe options.  My old t-shirts are close to disintegrating and my jeans could give up the ghost at any moment.

I decided…

I decided on two new kindle books about crocheting.  I wanted to get physical books at first, but the kindle prices were much lower; I guess Amazon finally reached an agreement with the publishers.  It must have happened whilst I was hiding under my rock.

The two books I chose are: The Finer Edge by Omdahl, and Beyond the Square Crochet by Eckman.  I like my other book by Eckman so I figured I will like this one too.

The Finer Edge I bought because I have a project in mind, I have a layered short skirt I want to add edgings to for a little added length, and to change it up a bit.  Its a casual, tie-dye skirt in orange and pink on white and a very young look, as well as being a few seasons out of style.  This does not bother me since I too am a few seasons past my prime.  Another reason for the purchase is the garment patterns included, especially the “coat”.  What they refer to as a coat, I see as a comfy bathrobe.  I don’t need another bathrobe, but I want one anyway.  Ever since I saw one blogger showing off her bathrobe made from crocheted squares, I have wanted one.  I think she called hers a Hobbit robe or something similar.  And now that I think about it, the robe I wear the most I have had since I was 15 years old, and the other robe is my emergency personnel robe… every time we needed an ambulance for mom, I put on the fluffy yellow robe she gave me one Christmas.  I wore it because its the most concealing (aka “modest”) when we needed to have strange men in uniform, tromping through the house in the middle of the night.  At any rate, that robe has a load of trauma associated with it and I avoid wearing it anymore.  Its a pretty thing, fluffy, pale yellow, with large brightly hued flowers scattered across it, I plan to keep it but I think I need a hobbit robe.


The Pillow grand finale

1-rufflerosepillow 7-16-2015 4-58-14 PMHere it is, not much else to say beyond what I have posted in the past, although I have put a sizeable dent in the Caron One Pound Yarn I bought.  Still plenty left over and I’m wondering what I should make with it.  I used a 22″ insert after reading that one should buy a slightly larger insert than the cover dimensions.  So my pillow top measured 18″ and the next size up for the insert was 22″.  There didn’t seem to be a 20″ insert available, otherwise I would have purchased it instead.  The entire cushion is machine washable, having a cat around makes it imperative to have things that are washable.  Another thought I had in retrospect is I could have gone up to a 24″ insert, the cover had plenty of room.

I’m tired.  I filled out the paperwork this afternoon and I start working next week.  I think the tiredness is more of an emotional thing than anything else.  I will likely switch from flatline mellow to crazy hyper overnight, you have been warned.