Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, I know it was yesterday… I had to cook, so it is fresh in my memory.  The food turned out well and Dad only complained about two dishes:  the cranberries were tart (they were supposed to be) and the green beans were “crunchy” (he likes them smushy – yuck).

This holiday has been hard for me, more so than last year.  I found myself missing Mom in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, usually I would be standing in the kitchen when the grief would hit me.  Today it is Betsy I am thinking of, I was looking at red yarn listed in some Black Friday sales, when I saw yarn that matched a cranberry coloured coat mom had bought for her one year.  It had been ages ago, but it hit me so hard, I remembered how beautiful she looked in that colour.

While I was cooking yesterday, I listened to the Black Tapes podcast, as well as Tanis.  Both are produced by the same people, the first is about a journalist named Alex Reagan researching paranormal phenomena, and the second is a docu-fiction regarding the mystery of something referred to as Tanis.  Both are pretty good, and free to listen, and I hope the Black Tapes Podcast has a season 2, because they ended season 1 with a cliff hanger.  NOT FAIR.  Tanis was particularly good to listen to while knitting, I made great progress on one of the ponchos.

It looks like I will have one more full week of work before the seasonal lay off.  I have heard conflicting stories about when they will start bringing us back in.  If they keep me in OP, then it may be as early as mid to late January, if they want me in the lab then it may be as late as mid-February.  I guess I will have to wait and see.

Been busy

I never thought I would ever be too busy to post another trivial rambling about nothing, yarn, life, and my cat Liz, but it happened somehow.  Even now I’m not sure what to say, though perhaps it is more of a case of not knowing how to say something.  Eh, whatever, I’ll just blurt everything out.  I have no illusions of being a great author.

First the fiber stuff, I am midway through the second owl hat order.  She chose red violet and pink for her colours and I think its going to look really sweet when its done.  She also asked for pompoms at the end of the braids, rather than tassels.  I will try to get a photo before I give it to her, because I don’t know if she will send me one of her in the hat.  I’m still waiting on a photo of the last hat in use.  I am told the recipient of the other owl hat loved it.

I started on the ponchos ordered by another customer, the smallest size first.  It looks good, though surprisingly different from the original.  The ponchos are for a 2 year old and a 6 year old, so I has to go with a completely different yarn.

Capelet made with Mirasol Ushya in Charcoal and Rosewood.

The original was made with Mirasol Ushya in Charcoal Grey and Rosewood.  The new ones are being made with Stylecraft’s Life Super Chunky, because the Stylecraft yarn is washable, while I think the Mirasol is dry clean only.  Oh wait, the manufacturer’s site says the Mirasol can be hand washed but seriously I would not attempt it with my capelet.  I’d be afraid of ruining it.  It is also a much more expensive yarn, while the Stylecraft is budget friendly.  The new colours for the children’s ponchos are Charcoal Mix, which is closer to black, and Damson, a dark heathered lavender.

Damson CharcoalMixDespite what it looks like in the photos, the Damson is lighter in colour than the Rosewood and The Charcoal Mix is darker (but not as dark as the photo) than the Charcoal Grey .  It makes for a sharp combo though, and one of the girls is a blond so I think she will really shine in those colours.  I haven’t seen the younger child yet so I don’t know if she is a blond or not, but I think a brunette will look just as nice.

I haven’t had much time to work on any personal projects, unless I can count the sock I work on during my lunch break.  Very slow going that sock, I started the gussets and if I had nothing else to do I would be finished with it by the evening.  As it is, I don’t know when I will be done with it.

I finally purchased a new computer.  I tried to make it so it was not password protected so it would be easy for my Dad to use, but Microsoft doesn’t believe in making things easy for consumers.  I’m really hating Microsoft these days.  I know there is a work around, but I shouldn’t have to use a work around.  I should be able to decide whether to password protect a computer or not.  At the moment, only one computer at a time can connect to the internet.  I need another Ethernet cable, seems I am one short.  The computer was meant as a Christmas gift for my father, but everything went wrong.  The short version is:  On Monday, I received an email that the computer had shipped and would be delivered Wednesday.  I had originally scheduled the computer to be delivered on Thursday because I was off and my father would be out of the house.  So suddenly I have a computer order on the way that had supposedly been cancelled due to issues with the credit card company, arriving on the wrong day, and no way to intercept it.  So I prayed that the delivery would be delayed because we were supposed to get snow.  No such luck.  Not only did it arrive on time, on the wrong day, while I was at work, the box had CYBERPOWERPC written in huge print all over the box complete with a PHOTO of the computer.  My father also signed for it and carried it in.  So much for a surprise Christmas present.  I am not meant to be sneaky, ever.

Other than that, things have been uneventful, unless I count my father’s ongoing drama with cleaning the coffee maker.  He put soap in it.  Enough said.  Liz is doing good, and so is Sheba.  We still have mice invading the garage, though dad has managed to kill a few of the stupid ones.  Pretty soon all the ones left will be the super smart, evil genius mice.


I just realized I neglected to post about my costume, so sorry.  I went as a teletubby, the red one.  I crocheted the hat and wore a red hoodie with a “screen” hanging from the zipper pull.  The screen was made from cardboard and foil.  I don’t have a photo yet, they were supposed to give us a copy of the group pic they took but I haven’t seen it yet.  I could ask but I feel weird about it.

I was paid for the one hat I made, and I have another potential hat order once I show the gal the colour swatches she can choose from.  People sure like those owl hats.  Hopefully the yarn for the two ponchos someone else ordered from me will come in this week so I can get started on those.

I’m so tired and have been waking up in pain, mostly in my hips and lower back.  I don’t know if it is from the weather change or if I need to take some time off.  At work, they have been training me in a different department than I was hired for.  I’m not sure if I am simply helping out the other office or whether a transfer is in the works.  This new department is about a month behind so they do need help, however they are training me in everything as if this will be a permanent assignment.  I guess I will see what transpires.  Knowing more than one department’s procedures means more job security, so it’s all fine from my perspective.  The week after next, I asked for Thursday off.  Its only one day, but I am looking forward to the shorter week.  I need to get through this week first though.

I’m already planning ahead on projects to do for the layoff in December since my job is seasonal.  I’m definitely going to do something with the Wolltraum yarn I purchased.  I haven’t had much time for personal projects, the teletubby hat does not count.  Pretty much all I have had time for has been the sock knitting I do on my lunch hour.  The yarn for my sweater has been looking at me, “Yep.  Still here.  Waiting.”  Gotta get to that.  Oh dear lord, I will have to cook for Thanksgiving too *falls over*.  Catch you all later, I need to lie down now.


If I manage to finish my costume (its really just a hat), the work party is this Friday and in theory they will take a group photo of everyone.  If not I will ask a coworker to get a pic of me in my “costume” to post to here.  I’m really pushing things to the last minute, Halloween really snuck up on me this year.  I did manage to get a birthday cake for my dad today.  The big delay is I’d rather play my game for an hour or so, rather than work on my costume, so the costume gets worked on in bits and pieces.

I haven’t been dreaming much these days, at least nothing noteworthy, until last night.  I dreamed I was underwater watching a puppy save a little girl from drowning, the girl was little more than a toddler.  The child was sinking towards my perspective ( I was low in the water looking up towards the surface) not struggling at all.  The puppy leapt into the water and pulled the child back to the surface.  That was all I really remember of the dream.  I wonder if it means anything.  Dogs mean loyalty for the most part, and friendship.  A puppy would point to something new or young.  The child could represent an aspect of myself, perhaps hope and innocence.  Both puppies and children are known for being playful, though the dream was not a playful dream.  However, the only sense of urgency was demonstrated by the puppy.  I don’t know.

Hopefully I will have more time after Halloween for updates, I still need to finish the hat for the one gal, and another woman asked me to make matching ponchos for her two daughters in time for Christmas.  She wants them to look like the capelet I made, you can see it here.  I’ll have to source some washable yarn in comparable colours so I told her I’d get back to her.  The girls are young so the small sizes should be a quick knit.  The only challenge  will be getting the stitch count right for the honeycomb edge.

Looking like a good weekend

finished socks

I finished a pair of socks, started another pair of socks, my yarn from Wolltraum arrived sooner than expected, as did the new walking shoes I purchased.

20151024115916 20151024115903




The shoes I wanted went on sale last week so I finally can mark shoes off my list of needed things.  I have plenty of fancy shoes from my mother, but nothing suitable for walking and my old ones are ready to give up the ghost.  No photo of the shoes, they are grey tennis style shoes with coral coloured laces and sole.

Sorry for the low quality on the last 2 pics, my phone reduced the file size automatically when I tried to send more than one pic at a time.

Best of all, the online game I play released new content on Friday so I have been happily jumping, gliding, fighting for my life, exploring, and being eaten by dinosaurs.  I’ve also been disconnecting from the server quite frequently, which isn’t so fun.  But other than that I’ve been having a great time.

I’m completely up to date on Welcome To Night Vale since I discovered they had posted the podcasts on YouTube, which means I can listen to them while I work.  I may get the book, but I think I might buy the audio book rather than the written version.  I don’t usually go for audio books but this one is different.

I think the only dilemma I have now is which of the new yarn I should work with first.


Went grocery shopping today, no big deal… right?!  A loaf of normal bread costs about $1.49.  Gluten free bread costs $5.39 according to my receipt, but a loaf of GF bread is one third the size of a normal loaf so in actuality I pay $16.17 for the same amount of bread my father can get for $1.49.  *RAGE*

Needless to say, I don’t eat much bread.  So my PSA for you today is “Don’t get sick (aka require a restricted diet) because you’ll get screwed over at the grocery store.”

Learn math!  It will give you one more thing to get pissed off about!  That’s it for me, I’m off to sit somewhere and growl.

Guess what?

I took a walk.  It’s been ages since I did that, not counting walking around the block during my lunch break.  I was feeling frankly cruddy after work, so I thought a walk down the Audubon trail was in order.  I still have a headache but its nowhere near as bad as it was.  I’m going to try and go out again over the weekend, shake the dust off and all.  It’s strange how I feel less alone when I am COMPLETELY alone, than I do when surrounded by people.

I gifted the two hats I made and they seemed to be well received.  Someone offered to pay me for a hat for her daughter, so I started on it the other night.  I had to put it to the side temporarily because I learned I need a Halloween costume for work.  I didn’t want to spend any money on a costume so I am crocheting something with the red yarn I have.  I can’t show pics or reveal what it will be just yet, but it will be truly terrifying when finished.

I told work I might go in this weekend, but I don’t know if I will.  I’ll have to see how I feel on Sunday, because Saturday I am definitely not working.  I think I’d like to paint or draw, but mostly I want to relax and figure out what I need to do to be happier.  I even ordered some yarn today called “Happy”, because, ya know, yarn is simply a happy thing all around.

Oh, and a gal at work told me about Simon’s Cat, and that’s definitely a happy thing.  Enjoy!