Cat Chaos

The Liz has taken an interest in catnip, she never bothered with it before.  She’s been bouncing off the walls and furniture, biting people and racing around the house.  Her rampage culminated in her pushing a water glass off the counter, onto the tile floor… I guess it seemed a good idea to her at the time.  Little glass shards everywhere.


Hard to believe this little cat could cause so much trouble.

learning curve

Horatio has a body now, next up is adding arms and legs.  The photo file size is huge, its been a while since I used Picasa OR Gimp, and I could not figure out how I reduce the file size more than I have.  I thought both had an auto option but I couldn’t find it, so I reduced the print size.  I think next time I will reduce both print size and the pixel ratio.  I’m so used to photoshop, everything I needed was right there.  Oh well, I better get used to using the free programs.



He will have a scarf at some point, but I believe I will make his feet first.

upkeep note

Re-installed Picasa and so far so good.  It’s searching through my drives for photos at the moment, this will take a while.  I have many, many photos.  I will have to learn how to use its indexing system, otherwise I will never find anything.

There will be yarn and cat pics forthcoming, aren’t you excited.

I decided on my next blanket project

I will be making the Lily Pond afghan after all, the photos of the crocheted water lilies proved to be too enticing to resist.  They were out of the yarn pack, so I sourced cotton yarn in similar shades.  It will be a little different from the photos, but I think it will look just as nice, and I will get to work with cotton during the hot months of the CAL.  I’m kind of thankful they were sold out, for that alone; I would have bought the pack of wool-acrylic blend yarn, and then sweated and cursed my way through the whole thing.  I must have blown through my “good luck” already.  The yarn went on sale AFTER I purchased, and the internet shopping rule nowadays is they won’t adjust the total even if the yarn goes on sale within hours of the purchase.  That bummed me out, hopefully by the time I receive the yarn, I will have worked through my disappointment.

I got to play through a beta test yesterday, it was fun.  I’m looking forward to the release of the final version.

Not much else is going on, dad picked a fight with me, then accused me of being argumentative.  When I produced written proof that I was in the right, he stormed out of the house with an “I don’t care!”  Want to know what it was about?  A plant.  His sister sent us a calla lily when mom died, and the lilies have since died back so I am trying to get them to sprout again.  He said his brother sent the plant to us, and got very nasty with me over it.  I happened to still have the card that came with the plant and it clearly stated his sister’s name.  So he’s mad at me.  For… nothing? This happens too frequently around here.  My father is a bully.

Father – Daughter portraits and the importance of photographs


I decided to go through some old posts. Mom and Betsy, both gone now.

Originally posted on Kathryn Rubidoux:

Today, I am processing photographs.  I do this most days, it’s my day job… for now.  Looking at the happy faces of the little girls, and the proud expressions of their dads, I feel a little sad.  Our family didn’t go in for family portraits, there were no dances, or family reunions.  So I look at these photographs of others, taken at a Father – Daughter Valentine’s dance, and think what a treasure these will be years from now.  When faces become care worn from the years, and the hair is silvered, how wonderful to have a snapshot of time.

Photographs are so important, especially when we want to remember someone dear but the years have made the memories hazy.  Remember photo booths?  Do they even have those any more?  I never see them, everyone uses their cellphones now.  This is one of my treasured photos, just a simple picture…

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It’s my birthday

I feel okay.  I received kisses from the cat, dad made breakfast as well as coffee, and I had a good laugh about nothing while playing an online game.  Its also warm and sunny outside.  I guess its a good day for a birthday.

Speaking of the cat, I think I may need to make her a bigger bed.  The old one looks too small for her, darn cat grew up on me.

The day didn’t start out that good, my dreams were discomforting.  However, they made me wonder if I should simply forgive some people, so I can forget and move on with my life.  I mean… they’ve already forgotten me, so why should I remember them?

My birthday horoscope (from the newspaper), was nice.  I would not have read it if my dad hadn’t said something about it.  Now, my birthday horoscopes never pan out, ever; but wouldn’t it be nice if, for once, they did and all the nice things came true?*

Sorry there have been no photos lately.  I usually use picmonkey to edit my photos, but the last few times I ended up with adware after using their site, so I’m reluctant to go back.  Its not hard to clean up, but I shouldn’t have to worry about it.  I’m thinking of reinstalling Picasa, though its not officially compatible with win 8.1; its supposed to work from what I have read.

And as predicted, after saying I need to write more, I find myself with nothing to say.  I have a text file where I am typing my thoughts into, so far I haven’t come up with a solid narrative.  For the moment, I am using the 10K monkey approach, if I write enough then eventually something worthwhile is bound to come out of it.

*I should mention that I have been having some minor, but happy, luck the past two days and my horoscope mentions coincidental good luck experienced over the next 6 weeks.  I guess I can’t really say that they never come true anymore.


Spring is almost here, the irises are breaking dormancy, the forsythia is in bloom… and the amount of yard work to be done is absolutely daunting.  Nothing has been done since mom got sick last year, so you can imagine what a mess things are.  Pretty much all dad does is pick up dog poo and dig holes, though lately he has graduated to digging trenches.  I guess the holes got boring.  He calls it “wurk”, I call it playing.  He also resists my efforts to clean things up, it looks like wild safari out there, and I have come to the realization that if my father couldn’t say something sarcastic, demeaning, or plain nasty… he would be a mute.  Guess I have to live with it, he isn’t going to change.  He does apologize occasionally though, and he surprises me with treats from the grocery store, so I guess he has his good points too.

I’m still not over the lactose attack, it was rather severe, but today I tried to clean up the irises anyhow.  I’m exhausted.  I made a dent but I don’t think my “second wind” is going to make an appearance today.  I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

On row 77 of the chevron, at least according to the stitch counter.  It doesn’t look much different from rows 71 thru 76.  Horatio is still without a body, but I have half a horn made up which I may or may not use.  I did chose a body colour for him, sort of a faded denim/baby blue shade.