According to WP, 23% of my posts are published on a Thursday, while 26% of my views happen on Wednesday at 12pm.  So the one person who actually reads my blog might want to switch to Friday at 12pm… just kidding, no one actually reads this blog.  WP is probably counting me on Wednesday as I write Thursday’s post.  I had no idea I publish more on Thursday than any other, I’m equally unbusy on the other days.  I’m now wondering whether to continue with the trend or change it.

car ride squares

The out of town company came and left, I think I slept two days straight afterwards.  I didn’t have to do much cooking, they preferred to go out to eat; I’m not sure whether to feel insulted or relieved.  They picked a bad time to come out, everything they wanted to see was closed.  On one of our outings I made two granny squares, crochet has made car rides tolerable, otherwise I’d be much crankier.  Overall, the visit was uneventful.

Not sure what I will do with the squares, other than make more of them.



After they left, I worked on the CAL (Lily Pond) some more.  I’m having trouble understanding the pattern in places but I’m getting there.



I don’t like the big blue border and after I took the photo I did the embroidered parts in the center, I didn’t like those either.  This CAL is turning into one big expensive disaster for me.  It may be time to cut my losses and try to make something with what I have.

Back at it

I received word that one of our guests will be arriving a day early, while the other plans to spend some time in Las Vegas before coming out here.  I guess we’ll see that one when they run out of money.  I originally planned to finish cleaning today, leaving tomorrow as my crochet day, and then any last minute touch ups the day of.  I have since changed plans, the heck with more cleaning, today is my me day.  The dog had me up all night, she has issues sometimes, fits in with the rest of us.  Therefore I am tired and cranky and don’t want to do anything constructive.  I want to play.

With a mug of cinnamon flavoured coffee nearby, and my trusty G hook in hand, I started on block 2 of the Lily Pond CAL and will hopefully get to block 3 today as well.  These are granny squares with each colour row bound off before you attach the next shade for the following row.  This makes it easy to do all four squares at one time.  At least this is the case with block 2, I haven’t viewed the instructions for block 3 yet.

Pictures forthcoming in a day or so.

It’s funny

I lost my mind around noon today, and I feel completely okay about it.  I was working on a short list of things to do before company arrives, and for every one thing I finished, I added two or three things to do.  The tipping point came when I had just finished rearranging the downstairs furniture so people could sit on the sofa and see the television.  My father has a tall skinny plant that he “cares” for.  How it survives is beyond me, but it was in desperate need of more soil and water, so I saw to it and then put it back in its spot on the coffee table.  That is when I noticed the plant was now blocking the line of sight from the sofa to the tv, I spent all that time carefully rearranging the furniture just so and the scraggly old plant was in the way.  I started laughing and I couldn’t stop.  No one else might see the humor, but that is okay.  The cat looked worried but she’ll recover.

I haven’t had any time to work on crochet projects, however I accomplished enough today in the main part of the house that I may be able to get my room looking presentable.  Once that is out of the way, I might have a day to devote to crochet before I have to play hostess.  The office is a lost cause, as is the front lawn, I’m not going to stress over it.  I was stressing over the weeds in the flower beds but then it decided to rain all day and I figure Mother Nature can have her way.  There’s only so much a person can do, especially since I spent the first half of the week being very sick with a fever and abdominal pain.  I feel fine now.  I’m looking forward to working on the CAL again, and I found another free pattern I’m planning to try soon.

Right now, Liz the Cat and I are resting, we’ve had a busy day.


Time got away from me

With the anniversary of my sister’s passing, Mother’s Day here soon, and my father getting ready for his trip (and he will be bringing relatives back with him), time just slipped away from me.  There is so much to do to get the house looking presentable, and honestly, we are losing the battle with dog hair.  She sheds half a dog almost everyday it seems, the vacuum barely makes a dent.  And as shocking as it sounds, there are things I’d rather be doing besides vacuuming every day, twice a day.

I declared a truce with mother’s closet and began mucking out mine.  Having absolutely no room for anything makes it easier to part with things.  The house has plenty of space, I’m just not allowed to use much of it right now.  I have every intention of reclaiming the closet in the second guest bedroom, after the guest leaves.  That’s where the artwork will live, I hope.

The latest release for the CAL is very pretty, and hopefully I will have some time soon to make those squares up along with the ones from week 2.

Then on top of everything, I feel like I’m getting the flu; I’m full of aches and chills, and my stomach has been queasy.  Dad had food poisoning not too long ago, but it passed quickly.  It’s possible my issue is food related as well.

I can see the floor!

I finished sorting through a pile of clothes that lived in the center of mom’s closet (its a walk-in closet) and discovered there was a plastic storage bin hiding underneath.  After clearing away the clothing, I realized I had found the handbag burial grounds.  I shall never need to buy another handbag as long as I live, fortunately mom had great taste in purses.  Dad said there are more in the basement, I hope he doesn’t bring them up here.  I don’t have a count on them yet, there are many.  The number of handbags doesn’t bother me so much.  I’d rather deal with purses than the shoes, oh lord, the shoes.  There are at least 3 garbage bags full of shoes in the basement, I know this because I put them there in an attempt to keep mom from wandering at night.  She wasn’t so far gone that she would leave without shoes.  There are a modest number of pairs still in the closet, mostly heels and hard soled shoes, ones I could hear her walking around in.  I need to sort them into matching pairs, figure out which ones fit me, and of those that fit me, which ones I would actually wear.  Just because the shoe fits, doesn’t mean its comfortable.  I tried on one pair and it was totally a “ohmahgodohmygodgetthemoffme” moment.  I think they were land piranha masquerading as a pair of Naturalizers.  I also need to get a count for donation purposes.  You know, all this stuff really should have been handled in an estate sale.  I know we have exceeded the maximum donation amount dad can claim on his taxes.

The closet is nearly cleared out other than one small hanging section and the shelves.  I’m fairly sure the clothes remaining will all be donated, not sure why I don’t just grab them and stuff them in a box.  I think its because, once they are gone, they are gone.  It will also mean I will need to sort through my closet and try to figure out where to put all the things I have found.  My closet is rather small.  Good thing I have all these empty storage bins lying around.  And yes, I’m being sarcastic.  I will use a bin for the clothes set aside for crafting purposes, may need two.

All of this sorting has me thinking I should get rid of my things too.  Its not like there will be anyone around to clean up after me when I die, so I should really simplify.  I think having less stuff will make me happier in the long run.

After seeing the single square released for this week’s CAL update, I figure I’ll hold off a while.  I like the square, but its not enough for me right now.  I’d hoped for at least 2 new patterns.  Its okay though, they will come in time, and while I wait I can work on other things.  I pulled out the geranium needlepoint to see what I was getting into.  Mom had begun the upper left quadrant, made a mistake, started to pull it out, and then abandoned it from the looks of things.  I’ll leave as much of her original effort as possible, but I’ll have to finish removing the cut threads.  I decided to work on the solid yellow portions of the chart before fixing the cut part or messing with any of the fussy colour changes.  The canvas is very crumpled and we don’t have a stretcher frame, at least I don’t think we have a frame, so I’m not sure how this will turn out.  I’m hoping it will flatten out as I am stitching.

geranium needlepoint

Here it is in all of its crumpled glory.  Mom’s work is on the left, the part I started is on the right.  Its over 14 inches wide and tall, so I’m wondering if it is too big for an album cover afterall.  I have time to think on it, its going to take a while to finish stitching it.