Photos of stuff

The yarn I bought. I’m loving these big skeins of yarn… except when I want to take my crochet with me. Then I have to lug a big skein of yarn around.

1-DSC_0002 1-DSC_0003 1-DSC_0004

Here are some arty shots of my fishbowl and the shawl in progress.  The shawl is going to take forever to finish.  “Arty” is code for blurry and out of focus, if you hadn’t guessed already.  The triangles are for the new blanket.

I started sorting through things this morning, made a dent in all of this madness but there is much more to do.  I have several cardboard “flats” I use for corralling projects and they need to be cleaned out.  A flat is a low sided, rectangular box, often decorated with advertisements of the products they once held for shipping.  They aren’t as nice as the old wooden ones used to be, but they do the job I suppose, and they stack, which is nice.

I don’t think today will be too productive projects-wise, but hopefully my day of sorting will make it easier for me to create.  I can’t paint because I have a boatload of yarn, plus one cowl, parked on top of my easel.  There are piles of stuff everywhere, I never did finish incorporating all those old clothes into the stash.  I found an unfinished quilt in the garage, along with several bits of fabric, it’s currently sitting on top of my desk, along with the needlepoint (remember the needlepoint?) and the yarn from the CAL.

Oh, and I started a miniatures project, but it stalled out because I have no room to work.  I have so much I want to do but I need a clean space and time management to get any of it done.  Kind of funny, less than a month ago I was severely depressed and didn’t want to work on anything.  Now I’m almost back to the person I used to be 3 years ago… almost.  Some things within me have changed irrecoverably.

Okay, I gotta go sort some yarn.  See you later.


Otherwise known as, the camera battery ran outta juice when I went to take a photo of the shawl I’m working on.  Obviously, this is a clear sign from above that the shawl is not yet fit for human eyes.

My glue came in on Wednesday, but I haven’t tried it yet.  Using it will require crawling under the desk and I don’t want to right now.  Sniffing glue under a desk just isn’t all that appealing an idea for me.  If I want to fix the computer case, I’ll have to do it… eventually.  My procrastination has to do with: 1. It will be messy. and, 2. It might not work.

The yarn I ordered arrived today.  It’s One Pound yarn by Caron.  Each skein has about 812 yards, and I ordered red, light grey, and white.  I still have approximately half a skein left of the charcoal grey I used for the pillow.  This caused me to make an executive decision to box up the unfinished chevron blanket with its yarn.  At first it was because when I thought of the blanket, it appeared ugly to me and I totally DID NOT WANT.  However, once I picked it up and really looked at it, I realized it is turning out rather nicely, not ugly at all.  I think my main issue with it right now, is it’s in single crochet and I want to work on something different.  The single crochet gets so monotonous after a while.  The unfinished blanket was also taking up a huge amount of space, which was keeping me from finishing some of my smaller wips.  It also hid the fact that my stash of leftover yarns was getting quite out of hand, its everywhere.  Something must be done!  The cute fishbowl for corralling partial skeins just doesn’t cut it anymore, it won’t all fit.

My idea for the new yarn will be to make using triangular motifs, however, I am also thinking a plaid would be appealing too.  Can you make a plaid with triangles?  I can’t picture it… or maybe I can.  We’ll have to see what I come up with.

It’s going to take a couple of hours for my battery to charge, so tomorrow (maybe) I’ll have some pics for you.

The bathroom rug

Here is where I am with the rug, I have one white stripe left to do and then I am Out-Of-Yarn.  It will still need an edging of some kind, hopefully I will find another cotton yarn in a comparable weight.  The rug doesn’t need to be flush against the tub, like it is in the photo, so there is room for a border.  I had trouble getting a pic of the other end of the rug, since the bathroom is so long and narrow.  At that end, the door is at an angle, so I angled the stitches to match the flooring.  Since the rug is cotton, it will shrink in the wash so it will definitely need a border.  Right now it is the perfect length and almost the perfect width (once the last stripe is on).

bathrrug2 bathrug1

Today’s post brought to you by…

1-laceweightscarf…my mother’s old dime store reading glasses.

I never knew how wonderful readers could be until I started this scarf-shawl.  I’m using the yarn I bought after my sister died (she had given me a gift card earlier that year and that had helped pay for it).  I had struggled to find a pattern I both liked and looked good with the variegated yarn.  I finally decided to use a pattern I worked with before.  I had thought things had been looking a little blurry lately, and had been planning on a trip to the optometrist at some point.  For the life of me, I could barely see the yarn as I knit, that is, prior to trying on the readers.

Anyway, the readers are wonderful, working on a new scarf, aaannnnd… that’s about it.  I still need to cast on for imperfect sock #2, finish the rug, do something with the chevron blanket, and play around with the lilypond CAL pieces.  There’s also stash yarn calling my name, and how often does that happen?!

The blue yarn in the pic is Alpaca Lace, unknown brand.  The variegated is by Artyarns, and yes, I did indeed wind that fancy, sparkly, yarn around a toilet paper tube.

Circular scarf, an experiment with texture

1-DSC_0002I started this a while back and even blogged about it here.  I picked up again recently and managed to actually finish it.  It’s far from perfect as there are several mistakes in the cabling section, as well an awkward transition from the garter stitch to the woven cables.  The mistakes don’t bug me like they should, I figure this is something I plan to wear when it gets cold out and I won’t have to worry about ruining something “perfect”.  Besides, even mistakes have their own texture and it wasn’t like I was knitting with pristine yarn; Liz left her mark, indeed she did.  To top it all off, the photo is blurry as well.

On the bright side, it is very soft and warm, and can be worn around my shoulders when it isn’t doubled up.

A short yarn about yarn, or the “Glue dilemma”

It all started with me at the computer, the dog came in to visit being her sweet self.  All of a sudden, she runs out the door, ripping the front cover of my computer tower right off its hinges.  Its metal, so was unharmed, but the place it attaches to on the computer is plastic, and that piece had snapped right off.  Oh no.

Ever try to glue plastic?  Its not easy.

I did some research on the internet on good glues for plastic.  Once I had a brand name, I headed to Amazon to see what I could find, and BEHOLD, there was my glue, a 2-part epoxy formulated for plastics.  It wasn’t too expensive, though I would have preferred having an unbroken computer cover to buying glue for a single use.

Now everybody knows, one doesn’t just buy one thing from Amazon, and what else would I look at but YARN.  Well one thing lead to another and I ended up with three skeins of yarn in my cart, along with the glue.

I didn’t NEED any thing, no glue or yarn… I could have coexisted with my beat up ghetto computer case.  However, once I decided that I was going to fix the case if it was humanly possible… somehow yarn had to be involved, and yes, the yarn cost more than the glue.

So… it looks like I will be designing a new blanket, thanks to a bottle of glue, a broken computer case, and a border collie.

I’m alive!

Made it through my first day back to work!  Glad I have tomorrow off though because I am dog tired.  The clothes I ordered fit, a fact I am grateful for.  One of the pants were out of stock so I’m a bit bummed about that.  I’ll have to make do with 2 pairs for now.

I have no projects to show you, my arms and hands are too tired for crochet, or anything else for that matter.  I did cook dinner and my father actually nagged me about the dishes.  I am going to assume he was joking, ha. ha. ha.  He’s such a kidder.  You know what he did today?  Took 2 naps and played a video game, he also checked the mail twice.

Last night I did make Motif #70 from Beyond the Square Crochet, using the leftover Caron’s I have.  I linked to someone else’s photo so you can see it, mine is bigger and grey.  I was thinking it might make for a good blanket motif with the centers done in a contrasting colour.  Red would look hot with the grey I think.  This may become a thing after the rug is done.

I started reading, Make Art Make Money: Lessons from Jim Henson on Fueling Your Creative Career, by Elizabeth Hyde Stevens.  I only have the sample (Kindle) but so far it is an interesting read.  I might buy it but I will check the reviews first, sometimes the sample is the best part of a book.

I’ve been thinking about making miniature furniture… well, really I’ve been wanting to make life size furniture but I’m not a carpenter so miniature it is.  It may not all be to scale, I’ll have to see what I come up with.  Maybe I will finally knit that television from the Mochimochi book.

I was reading back over this and I think I’m coming back to life, at least mentally.  Physically… well, I’ll let you know after a few days.