A day off!

I didn’t realize how much I appreciate my Saturdays, until I had to work during one last weekend.  This past week I was utterly exhausted as a result.

This is what I did with my day off:

DSCN0189 DSCN0187 DSCN0188

The succulents are placed in the wire basket until I find something better for them, or get some decorative moss to place around the pots.  The lilies in the other two containers came out of the white planter.  They have been over wintering in there for several years, with little or no attention from anyone.  They started as one bulb, now I have many.  I didn’t bother to count.  I cannot remember the variety, I’ll have to see what the blooms look like, if they bloom.  I figure they will grow better if spread out a bit.  The other plants in the white planter are the ones I mentioned ordering in this post.  Essentially two sweet potato vines and a lantana.

Still working on the star blanket (crochet) and a shawl (knit).  Work will be winding down in two weeks, or so I am told.  I’m really, really looking forward to some time off, finances be damned.

Windowsill Garden

DSCN0185I bought this set for my father because he was becoming interested in using fresh cooking herbs.  From left to right, there is sage, rosemary and thyme, I think they look cute, hope they live.  Of course, he totally stopped experimenting with herbs after receiving the plants, I think he feels threatened by them.

Still busy

You ever feel busy, but not actually doing much?  That is how I am feeling this week.  I thought about posting another song, and I may still do so, because I have been exploring music new to me.  I get tired of the same old things.  Last night I listened to Troye Sivan for the first time and today I heard something by Melody Gardot.

I’ve been putting in a little overtime at work and they want me to work this Saturday too.  I’m not sure if it is because I am tired so I don’t feel like eating, or I am tired because I’m not eating, but in either case… I haven’t been eating.

Here’s a song and another cat lady meme, I am still trying to embrace the cat life.

all the cats