Cat Approved

I decided to treat myself to a new quilt, as the old ones were falling apart, and the off white and bluish one is and always will be stiff as cardboard.  I was ordering a few birthday presents for my dad anyhow, and I had been looking for a cheap but pretty quilt for me for a while.

Cat Approved

I found it at Walmart of all places and it was $40 for a queen sized quilt.  It has a pretty aqua blue and white reverse side, is 95% cotton and very soft.

The owner of the business I work for, stopped to tell me today, the managers speak very highly of me and my work.  I haven’t received much feedback from them, so this was pleasant and encouraging news.  With the end of the season rapidly approaching, I had been worrying over whether they would want me back in the Spring.  I’m hoping this means they will keep me.  I do like working there, so much less stressful than the old place, and getting paid is awesome too.  It’s hard not to feel insecure, I still haven’t fully rebounded emotionally from the past couple of years.  I’m getting there, but it will take some time.

At least I have a pretty new quilt to snuggle up with, the nights are getting cooler around here.

Current WIPs

I’m at home, sick today.  I had really hoped I’d get through the season without missing any days, but germs happen.  At any rate here are a few things I have been making when I am not working.

This yarn I bought on discount from Little Knits; it’s called Supersocke.  It’s scratchy, but not intolerably so and I am looking forward to seeing how it wears.  Of the sock yarns I have tried: Noro, Solemate, Zitron, Stroll; Solemate and Zitron have worn the best, Solemate being the most expensive with a greater selection of colours.  All socks are for me, mine mine mine.

Baby Hat
I have dipped my toes into the wild world of baby hats.  I need to remove the button and replace it with something sewn or crocheted.  Using buttons was specified in the pattern, but I really don’t like the idea of having buttons near a newborn… swallowing hazard and all.  This is for someone else’s baby to be, in case you were wondering.  Almost finished with this, I’ll try to get to it today between naps.

Baby blanket
I’m about halfway on this, and it is taking longer than I had hoped.  I wanted to make 2 blankets, but at this rate, I don’t know if it will happen.  The yarn may look familiar…  yes, it is the DK Cotton Classique I bought for the Lily Pond CAL.

Dog Toy

Normally Sheba the Border Collie is very gentle with her toys, but today I noticed one of her favorites had developed a hole.

Before: beforeYou can see the hole in the side in the upper right center of the photo.


afterHere is green dog with some new stuffing, all sewn up, and much cleaner after a round in the washer and dryer.

My sister used to give me grief over patching up the dog and cat toys like this, I don’t know why it bugged her so much.  I don’t like living in a disposable world, and I would rather repair before I replace when possible.

This is pretty much ALL I have accomplished this weekend.  The past couple of days left me feeling sad and tired.  There’s a couple of reasons for it, one of them will no longer be an issue after this upcoming week (yay), and another being the anniversary of my mother’s passing approaching… that is to be expected, the sadness that is.

I started a new pair of short socks, almost finished the first one.  Once it is done, I will bounce back and forth between finishing the grey and pink long socks and the new short ones.  I wear the short style of socks most often in Autumn, which is why I started a new pair before finishing the long set.

meh, part 2

The sweater is too big, because my mental image of myself is something like the dog on the right, when I am really sized like the one on the left.

big-dob-little-dog-2newlsetterSoooo, I am going to have to rip it back some.  I haven’t done it yet because I was feeling quite frustrated over it all and figured I needed to take a break.

In the meantime, I have started a baby blanket for a coworker.  I’m trying to take my time because I realized that I was approaching knitting and crochet as my second job, rather than something to do for enjoyment.  If anything should be considered a second job, it *should* be painting.  Though if painting was my job, I’d be fired by now… I haven’t touched my paints in a month or more.  I think my creativity has packed up and left.



I didn’t make my deadline for finishing the sweater.  There was a mouse in my ceiling which woke me up at midnight on a work night… which lead to being too tired to knit the following night and the sweater not in a state to be worked on during my lunch break.

However, the body of the sweater is done and I am working on one of the sleeves, not much further to go.

My father suggested that maybe what I heard was a tree and not a mouse, but as far as I know, trees generally do not sprout teeth and chew their way through the walls.

Yesterday, I realized that the older I get, the more I identify with Grumpy Cat.