a new sock

toe up, cast on 22 stitches (11 each needle), increased to 26 on each needle.  The photo shows the gussets being formed.

yellow_sockI also made 3 sets of stitch markers.   I consider these a finished project.  15mm silver jump rings make nice markers on their own without adornment.  Mine have a spiral twist texture and work well on my size 13 circular needles.  I happen to be working on some children’s hats and the silver ring makes keeping track of my start point very easy, even with the bulky yarn.

geranium_needlepointHere is the needlepoint so far, I don’t have stretcher bars so I will have to steam the piece once I am finished.  As I mentioned before, a long time ago, the upper left corner was started by my mother.

orchid_budThis is a flower bud from one of the work orchids.  The other two will be going back to the office on Monday, while this one I will hang onto until it has either finished blooming or it warms up enough to transport the plant without flower loss.

my_orchidThis is my orchid, still in bloom.  Its actually two tiny orchids in one pot, one of them has finished blooming, while the other has not.  I’m not sure when I should repot these guys, maybe when the second plant stops blooming.


grrr snap growl

I am having a cranky day, one I hope to alleviate with french fries topped with cheese.  I may need to add chili too… I’m really grumpy.

On my needles, I am still adding to the tiger scarf.  I did mention the tiger scarf before, didn’t I?  I can’t remember.  Anyway, there is a tiger scarf and I’m working on it.  I am also knitting 2 children’s hats.

Crochet-wise, I have been adding rows to the baby blanket I started last year.  I don’t know if it will eventually be given to a baby or become another cat blanket.  I suppose if I make it big enough, I could use it myself.  The cat has too many blankets as it is.  I also have a request for another baby blanket from a gal at work.  She will provide the yarn to make the blanket, hopefully soon since the baby is due in March.

I ended up making a bunch of stitch markers.  The cellphone pics are crap, so I will try to get some photos using my good camera.  The same goes for the other projects I mentioned.

I ended my Yarnbox subscription.  I’ll still be receiving February’s box but I decided to buy some different yarn for March.  Yesterday, my copy of Colours of Shetland arrived.  I’m hoping to have some quiet time soon to browse through it.  Even though I have all the downloads in the book already, there is something nice about curling up with a physical book.

That’s all for me, I have to go see if my fries are ready.


Its Alive!

its aliveSee the little green leaf on the plant in the upper right?  That my friends, is the mostly dead orchid I brought home from work to try to revive.  For several weeks now I have been tending this mostly dead plant and today I saw SIGNS OF LIFE.  The little leaf, previously dark and shriveled, has plumped out and adopted a healthier shade of green.  The other two plants in the photo are the african violet suckers I repotted from the mother plant.  They haven’t grown much, but they seem happy enough.

Other than that, I have been working on the needlepoint, knitting a YELLOW sock, and sporadically flailing about the craft room in effort to get it cleaned up.  I’ve also been playing Terraria.

6 finished things for January

I’ve been keeping track in a cheap planner, along with the yarn I used.

vest withcollarFirst was the knit vest made from stash yarn.

virus_shawl_summerwineSecond was a virus shawl (crochet), using Wolltraum My Melody in Summerwine.

shrugA crocheted shrug made with stash yarn.

sillyhatA knit, roll brim hat using stash yarn.

mismatched mittensKnit mittens from stash yarn.

happy_granny_shawlA crocheted shawl using Wolltraum My Melody in Happy

It’s that time, organizing the work room

Time to organize my craft supplies.  I start by looking at everyone’s craft rooms, the ones who post pictures.  The others are rather cagey about the state of their stash, so no one ever gets to see how they go about things.  My so called system involves 2 large plastic totes with lids, 1 small plastic tote with lid, and the rest of my yarn runs free and wild throughout the house.  At least it seems that way, if I look at my craft supplies as a whole and not just the yarn, I don’t have that much yarn.  I don’t even have that much in the way of paint and painting supplies.  What I do have is a huge mess of miniature and dollhouse supplies.  I don’t know of anyone who has come up with an effective way to keep miniatures organized.  This is because miniature making uses all the things: glue, paper, clay, beads, paint, pastels, pencils, markers, scissors, razors, brushes, clay tools, fiber, shaping mats, wood, wood tools, fabric, ribbons, embroidery floss, yarn, thread, needles, saws, carving tools, electrical wire, and you get the idea.  I feel kind of sick thinking of it all.

Let’s start off easy.

I started off with my oil paints, seemed like the easiest place to begin.  I had a wooden crate, it used to contain clementines, so not very big, with low sides.  I made dividers with cardboard so that my crate now had 3 sections.  Warm colours in one, Cool in another, and the last section holds white, black, and mediums.  Apparently many artists hang their tube paints on a peg board, suspended by file clips.  This is a neat idea, but only if you have a wall to hang the pegboard on.  Most of the walls here have either a door or a window smack in the center.  However, if I had a suitable wall, I’d love to use the pegboard system.  The crate works.  Its not pretty, but it works.

The next thing I investigated, was ideas for yarn.  May I say, there are some rather impractical solutions for yarn organization floating around the net.  I guess most of these people live in areas with no dust, pets, or insects.  I also do not want my craft room to look like a yarn store, with their walls of yarn.  Not that I have walls to do such, but still.  Storing yarn above windows and doors… no, no, no.  I’m short and I don’t want to drag out a ladder every time I want some yarn.  I saw one gal organize her craft room using a rainbow system.  Love it, wouldn’t work for me.  I would have gaps in my rainbow, which would bother me, and spur me to buy more of everything in order to fill out the rainbow.  This is not my goal here.  After some thought, my plastic totes do the job, but I need a system for the partial skeins leftover from completed projects.  I could sort them using a rainbow system, but I would yarnvasesneed some clear containers and somewhere to set the containers.  After a rummage through the laundry room, I came up with 3 large glass vases, in addition to my glass fishbowl I was already using.  The largest one I filled to the brim with shades of blue.  The fishbowl houses the purples, and… they look pretty good in there.  Surprise, surprise, maybe I will overcome my aversion to purple, but not today.  The reds found a home in a vaguely milk jug shaped vase, and the browns are in a skinny, ribbed vase that just barely fits.  Lacking a place, the greens are in a plaster bowl.

While I was doing the yarn shuffle, I also watered all the big plants in the house.  One of them decided to overflow unbeknownst to me.  Fortunately, Super Liz the Wonder Cat alerted me to the impending flood.  Now I get to finish organizing to the sound of water dripping into a metal bowl, “drip dink splot drip plunk!”

This, I decided, was a good time to take a break.  Presumably there will be a part 2 to follow up at some point.

F.O. Mismatched mittens

mismatched mittensI got really grouchy towards the end when finishing these; I think I grumbled the entire time.  There may still be a few ends to weave in, but they’ve been blocked and dried.

After a long day at work, I sat down to experiment with making stitch markers.  Lesson 1: Copper eye pins are not as pliable as I thought they would be.  Lesson 2: If you drop a section of beading wire, it is very hard to see on the carpet.  Lesson 3: This probably not the best thing to attempt when tired and grumpy.  So far, I’ve mangled one copper eye pin and made one stitch marker using beading wire instead.  I also have silver eye pins so we’ll see how I do with those.