Sweater progress

This is what I have been working on, being all quiet and such.


I tried it on and it fits so far.  I took the photo with my phone, I like being able to email pics to myself.  Saves me from having to manually upload the pics from the camera.

Be still my heart

Someone combining dollhouses and crochet, it was love at first sight!  Take a look at this free camper pattern, too cute for words.  I can’t wait for the interior patterns to be released.

I need to get back into mini making.  I started a roombox in a book, but I can’t find it?  Oh wait, there it is under a coat.  Yes, I still need to clean up around here, but I have been very tired.  Too much sugar in my diet, I really should not have any at all.

I found some discounted yarn, 80% cotton/20% merino wool, in an acceptable colour, so I picked up a few skeins.  I also bought Doris Chan’s Convertible Crochet book.  Hopefully, the two will produce a new top for me.  I love how the yarn label states “dyes in cotton yarns have a natural tendency to migrate”.  In other words, the yarn bleeds.  Migrate?  Where is it going?  Onto your other clothes, that’s where, and it will be permanent too.

Next week I work five days in a row!  I’m excited about the paycheck, though I’m not yet scheduled a full forty, almost but not quite.

Textured Circular Scarf, the specifics

Someone asked me if I would detail the construction of my circular scarf and of course, I said yes.  At first glance, it’s fairly simple, comprised of garter stitch and a woven cable stitch.  I used a silk and merino wool blend from my stash to make mine.  For a warmer climate, (warmer than Colorado), I think a cotton-linen blend might work up nice, any yarn with a nice drape to it, nothing too stiff.

please ignore the awkward new yarn join, I plan to rework that.

These were my preliminary notes when I started making the scarf.

On straight needles, size 7, using DK yarn, cast on 78 stitches.
Garter Stitch for ___ inches, slipping first stitch in each row.
Purl next row.
Begin Woven Cable Stitch, slipping first stitch and knitting last stitch on each row.  Continue for __ inches.  Knit one row right side.  Bind off.  Join ends.
ETA: It may be necessary to go up a needle size for the woven cable stitch portion, if it pulls in too tightly in comparison with the garter stitch.

I ended up using size 10 needles for the cabled section, and it still pulled in.  Garter stitch spreads, and in retrospect, is easier to adjust than the cabling section. One solution would be to start the woven cable first, using the size 10 needles, then when transitioning to the garter stitch, reduce your needle size and decrease the number of stitches.  To determine how many stitches to decrease, you will need to swatch.  Also the slip stitches at the beginning of the row… totally optional for the cable half.  I stopped doing them and didn’t notice a quality difference in my edge.  I was so busy making sure my cables were going in the right direction that I just forgot to do the slip stitch.  I do recommend using the slip stitch for the garter stitch portion, it does make a difference there.

you can see where I messed up on the cabling, ooh look! new stitch

The scarf, before joining the ends, measures about 52 inches lengthwise.  This means 26 inches of garter stitch, and 26 of woven cable stitch.  Once the ends are joined, the scarf reaches to my navel.  To get the length for each section, I measured from my neck to my navel, then added 4″.

When I finished, my scarf measured:
18″ wide garter stitch
12″ wide woven cable

Because of the drape of the material, the 6″ difference didn’t look bad.  The garter stitch tended to fold in on itself so it did not overwhelm the cabled side.  Therefore, if you do swatch and decrease your stitches, keep in mind that your scarf may not look as full as mine does.  One other thing I considered, and may still do, is to join the long sides of the garter stitch portion, making that section a tube of fabric.  This would be an alternative to decreasing stitches.

The woven cable I used is as follows:
Multiple of 4 (I added 2 stitches to have a k1 at the beginning and end of each right side row.  These extra stitches have been included in the instructions below.)
1st row (rt side): k1,*C4F, rep from *, last stitch k1
2nd row: Purl all stitches
3rd row (rt side): k3, *C4B, rep from *, last 3 stitches k3
4th row: Purl all stitches.

Repeat these 4 rows.


I think I covered everything, but as you can probably tell, I am not a pattern writer.  I tend to “fly by the seat of my pants” when I create, its how I learn best and how I generate new ideas.  If I left anything out, or if something is unclear, let me know and I will try to elaborate.

So, I’m making a hat…

horatiopbI sorted through my yarn, cleared out 3 1/2 of my project flats and restocked 2 of them with a single project each.  The 3rd one, actually a basket, has Horatio and the squares for the Hobbit robe.  I’m using the same stash yarn for both, and rather than try to split things up, it made more sense to keep them together.  The 4th flat is full of crap, for lack of a better description, and I’ve hidden it out of sight, underneath an unfinished cardigan.  The “1/2” is a narrow plastic container, designed to go into a drawer… I think.  My dad found it when we were going through mom’s things.  It’s the perfect size for holding my current sock project which consists of 2 skeins of yarn, a circular needle, and one completed sock.

Project flat with lilypond yarn and parts
project flat with afghan in pinks and purple.

The pile of stuff on my desk is smaller, and people can see me now when they look in the door.  This is progress, unless I’m having a day when I don’t want to be seen.  The pile on the easel is also smaller, another day of sorting should have it clear and easy to get to.

So this hat… isn’t one of the projects in the flats.  It was inspired by the yarn in my fishbowl, which is the reason I keep yarn there in the first place.  Thus far, I’ve only used one yarn from the fishbowl, the others came out of the totes I keep the bulk of my yarn stash in.  I can only work on the shawl when the light is good, but the hat I can make even in low light.  The hat is also portable, whereas the shawl wouldn’t travel as well.  The hat is fun to make.  The shawl is more of a meditative exercise, though I do enjoy watching as each jewel-like stitch takes shape.

The hat will be epic.

Photos of stuff

The yarn I bought. I’m loving these big skeins of yarn… except when I want to take my crochet with me. Then I have to lug a big skein of yarn around.

1-DSC_0002 1-DSC_0003 1-DSC_0004

Here are some arty shots of my fishbowl and the shawl in progress.  The shawl is going to take forever to finish.  “Arty” is code for blurry and out of focus, if you hadn’t guessed already.  The triangles are for the new blanket.

I started sorting through things this morning, made a dent in all of this madness but there is much more to do.  I have several cardboard “flats” I use for corralling projects and they need to be cleaned out.  A flat is a low sided, rectangular box, often decorated with advertisements of the products they once held for shipping.  They aren’t as nice as the old wooden ones used to be, but they do the job I suppose, and they stack, which is nice.

I don’t think today will be too productive projects-wise, but hopefully my day of sorting will make it easier for me to create.  I can’t paint because I have a boatload of yarn, plus one cowl, parked on top of my easel.  There are piles of stuff everywhere, I never did finish incorporating all those old clothes into the stash.  I found an unfinished quilt in the garage, along with several bits of fabric, it’s currently sitting on top of my desk, along with the needlepoint (remember the needlepoint?) and the yarn from the CAL.

Oh, and I started a miniatures project, but it stalled out because I have no room to work.  I have so much I want to do but I need a clean space and time management to get any of it done.  Kind of funny, less than a month ago I was severely depressed and didn’t want to work on anything.  Now I’m almost back to the person I used to be 3 years ago… almost.  Some things within me have changed irrecoverably.

Okay, I gotta go sort some yarn.  See you later.