After pic, Bridge and websites

It looks good, but it will take some getting used to.  Even though I went with a warm grey, the colour temperature is still cooler than the off white, which had yellowed considerably.

Here’s the two pics side by side:

One of my courses is starting off with an introduction to Bridge.  This is a good thing since I never cared for Bridge because it was so slow to load on the work computers.  It works just dandy on my home computer.  Hopefully I will overcome my aversion to it.

The other class has assigned us to evaluate and compare 2 similar websites.  I chose 2 radio stations from competing networks.  One of them just upgraded their site and it’s really nice, especially compared to what it was before.  Neither one are sites I frequent, but I was looking up the yard sales they both sponsor and figured they make as good a subject as any.

4 thoughts on “After pic, Bridge and websites

    1. The old paint was very yellowy, the new paint is more towards a light lavender/grey. Yeah, it’s very subtle compared to the rest of the house. The cellphone doesn’t capture colour well.
      Now I have to frantically put everything back because the cleaning ladies are coming tomorrow.
      The painters said they were going to call me if they had heavy lifting, they were pretty impressed by the way I moved the furniture around. I *think* they were kidding, but I’m not sure.

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