Introducing Soso Therefore Pickledip

I’m so glad I went ahead and splurged… she has the sweetest face.  I was feeling so hopeless and depressed, but then the mail came and there she was.  I bought a boy’s outfit for her, because I kept thinking “boy doll” but she is definitely a sweet little girl doll.  The clothes fit fine though and I like the stripes with the blue.  Love the hat.

I bought the outfit for two reasons, the first was so she’d have something to wear while I make her new wardrobe, and second was so I would have a guide to make a pattern off of.  The more I look at the outfit, the more I like it.  Definitely the gnome’s pajamas, wish I had a set for me.

She came in this nice box.

The daybed is about 3/4″ scale and the chair is 1″ scale.

I’m so happy she has brown eyes.

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