Regression and nostalgia

While cleaning out my closet, I found my old Game Boy Color.  As a result, I lost an entire evening rediscovering Pokemon Yellow.  I remember getting frustrated during a Legend of Zelda marathon session and packing everything away in the game case.  It was so long ago I forgot I even had a Game boy.

I love those old games.  When I think about my favorites, they are all old games with fairly simple graphics… but man were they fun to play.  I remember the first time I played Thief, what a freaking awesome game.  The third one was okay, definitely had it’s good points, but it was too into “sparkly pixels”.  I would have liked more game play and better levels for sneaking around.  The first 2 thief games are among my favorite games, and the FF series up to 7… I lost interest after 7.  I like new games too and awesome graphics, but they don’t have the charm of the old ones, at least to me.

I’m not doing a whole lot today, mostly waiting for my doll to arrive… I told you I was regressing.  I did watch another chapter of that training video, so I haven’t been a complete spud, just a partial one.  Mom’s cleaning people are here today and it’s  hard to do anything with them running around.  Oh darn, looks like I’ll have to play more pokemon while I wait for them to leave.


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8 thoughts on “Regression and nostalgia

  1. I’d play a game with stick man graphics if the content was fun, in fact I have. Kingdom of loathing is a good example, it’s web based and gets very complex if you want it to. Lately I’m all about Skyrim, but I see Sims3 has two expansions coming in Sept and Nov this year..might have to get Santa to stuff those into my stocking :)

    • I forgot about Kingdom of Loathing! I never played it but it was always “on the list”. I went ahead and bookmarked it, stick figures rock. One of my… err, I mean Liz’s splurges was Hidden Springs. It’s actually a very pretty world and you don’t have to travel halfway across town to find a fishing spot. I’m big into fishing minigames, sometimes I like them better than the main quest. I don’t know if I’m too keen on Seasons for the Sims 3. I got majorly sick of it for Sims 2, but if you wanted to farm you had to have it. In 2, my Sim kids were either getting overheated or frozen, I was always having to cool them off or warm ’em up.

      • Ohh fishing *swoom* I had my first character do a bunch of traveling and fished 10 of each foreign country type, then came home, bought community land and made a park with 3 ponds. Each pond is stocked with the 3 types per country. So now the entire town has them available years after her passing :D Yeah I’m not OCD at all.

      • That sounds pretty cool actually. My sims are very selfish, they keep their fish on their home lot. It would be neat to do a park with a themed section for each of the foreign locations. I’m surprised they haven’t done a South American themed travel location, the costumes would be fun.

  2. My husband plays on his Color (red) all the time lol – he rotates between his DS and that one. Current game is Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (over 1,000 hrs clocked in – can you tell he loves that game?) Glad to hear Mom’s about out.

    • Mine’s purple, and I think I tossed the battery cover. It had become separated from the rest of the kit and I think I finally pitched it when I started my cleaning spree. Of course, THEN I find the Game Boy. I still have everything else though.

    • It’s supposed to arrive today! I can’t decide if the doll will be male or female… I have a feeling it will be a cross dresser depending on my mood. Fairies are pretty androgynous anyhow.

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