Isn’t this pretty?

Since I have all that yarn on spools, I have been looking for projects.

Isn’t this yellow dress pretty?  I’m not crazy about the sleeves, but other than that I would totally wear this.

I’ve also been looking at bikini patterns, but unless you are a C or smaller, there aren’t too many options.  Not that I have the figure for a bikini… yet, but I am working on it.  Maybe by next summer, but it looks like I will have to buy a bathing suit if I want one.

I found another pretty dress on Caron’s, it was labeled as a wedding dress.  It doesn’t look wedding-ish to me, it’s a white dress.  Ditch the veil and flowers, change the sleeves, and it’s a cute warm weather dress.  H&M had an adorable lace dress in white for summer, but they don’t offer online shopping for my market.  The price was great, but having to go to Denver in order to get one… ehh, no thanks.  That’s what started me on the search for crochet dress patterns.  I’m finding the best designs combine knitting and crochet; this is good for me since I both knit and crochet.

I’m bemused about being into sleeveless tops and dresses lately.  I have always been self conscious about my arms because they are big, so I usually gravitate towards sleeves of some kind.  My arms aren’t fat, they just make me look like I would be good at wrestling large farm animals, alligators, and crazy people.  I guess the yoga has been giving me more muscle definition, which helps with my confidence.  I usually have to buy a size or two larger to accommodate my arms and my chest, but if I go sleeveless then I don’t have that issue.  I don’t want to make all of my clothes; I’m perfectly fine with buying jeans and tee shirts, and underwear too.  However, I would like to have a couple of pieces that really fit me in a flattering way, and the only way I’m going to get that is if I make it myself.  I don’t sew much, but if I continue on in this way it will be high time I learned.

2 thoughts on “Isn’t this pretty?

  1. I think it’s very pleasant and rewarding to make your own clothes! Unfortunately I don’t sew; still crochet and knitting provide me with bags, vest, sweaters, whawls, scarf, socks etc…

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