Afghan update and gratitude

Little things can mean so much, especially to me.  I wanted to take a moment and thank Karel for helping me find a home for those cards.  I feel lighter now I don’t have to wonder what to do with them.  She didn’t have to do what she did, and I am grateful for her kindness.  On a similar note, I’d like to thank the universe for sending 2 free cans of cat food my way.  The Liz has a healthy appetite and every bit helps.  The pet food store gave them to me when I did my once-a-fortnight cat food run.  They’ve been good to me.  Once they gave me a huge bag of cat treats, freeze dried tuna flakes, and Liz absolutely loves those.  We’re still working on that bag too!

(We won’t talk about the creepy Ant man.  Really trying to forget about him.)

I have two sides of the alternating brown and cream border attached, two more to go.  I’m trying to focus and finish up what I can, because the Liz has marked the cream yarn for death.  Snags or no snags, I can’t replace the yarn so I’m using it.  I’m telling myself it adds character.  I have to finish before she destroys it all.

Once I’m finished with the alternating blocks, I’m debating whether to do alternating solid blocks with my remaining yarn in blue, scarlet, orange, and purple, or rounds of granny stitch in the same colours.  I’m expecting more of the Wash (greenish blue) but they are taking their sweet time in shipping it.  Whenever that gets here, I’ll use it for the final edging.  Assuming it ever arrives, backorders suck.  I want to use up the orange so I’m thinking of incorporating a wide band of it at some point, but not on the outer edge.  It’s stretchier than the other yarns, I’m not sure how it’s going to hold up.

Oh, and I finished the pillow.  The decoration is pinned on, that way I can change it if I get bored with it.

3 thoughts on “Afghan update and gratitude

    1. I’m glad. I was surprised it got to you so fast. You’ll have to tell me what you think of the various packs if you get around to it. I rediscovered my Tao Oracle when I was going through my decks, and it turns out to be just what I needed right now.

      1. I love the Tao. It’s one of my favorites, as it is geared toward the big picture — this season, not this day. I’ve taken the Shaman’s and Celtic Oracles for my own use. My daughter took the Flowers of Love for the readings she does for girls looking for Mr. Right. My husband may take the Dragons deck. I’m going to go through the tarot decks a little slower later this week. Then I’ll take the left-overs to my friends and oldest daughter for them to choose. It’s lots of fun!

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