Only missed 3 days

I think it’s time I celebrated an anniversary.  Since I started this blog in mid February, I have only missed 3 days.  Other than those 3 days, I have posted something everyday without fail.  I have also reached 5ooo views and I am one follower short of 150.  Which sounds like one card short of a full deck, but trust me, I have plenty of cards.  They may not all match, but that’s besides the point.  Sure, some people have thousands of followers and tens of thousands of page views, but considering I am totally new to blogging and I am not writing to a niche audience, I feel good about my progress.

Here’s to 6 more months of pictures, posts, my cat Liz, and who knows… maybe something interesting might happen.  Thank you for reading and following along.

Floating Candles in the bath tub

I figured I’d light a candle or two for the occasion.

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