12 thoughts on “Oh dear, where did those come from?

    1. There’s about 2000 yds on each spool, 100% wool; I have 2 other colours that aren’t shown in the pic. I’ll have to start hiding the credit card from Liz, we can’t afford these splurges of hers. She even spent money on Sims 3 stuff… bad kitty. Never leave your wallet near the computer, you don’t know what those cats will get up to.

      1. I’ve been thinking about a skirt. There’s a pattern on DROPS that I’ve always liked. I want to finish the afghan first before the cat destroys my white yarn. That cat is trying my patience lately.

  1. LOL! I had to restrain myself recently, when I was in their shop … I’ll have to get a cat … or something … hmmm, we have an African Grey parrot – I can always say he told me to get it🙂

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