Something little

This is that dress I wanted to make in miniature, just because.  It’s hard to see from the pic, but the skirt is made from fabric(?) roses and the rosettes on the bodice look like coiled and twisted paper.  Above that is lace, which is obscured by the reflection.

I tried to bring out some detail in the bodice and collar.  The veil looks like an after thought and isn’t of much interest.  Anyhow, my plan is to make a similar mannequin in miniature but with a few changes to the skirt.

I have these paper flowers to use for the skirt.  They’ll need some painting and shading, and the skirt will be much shorter due to having only so many flowers on hand.  I want to stick with using materials I have rather than buy new or more.  I may end up doing an attic roombox, or even a modern abstract of some kind.  I’ll have to see where my imagination takes me.

2 thoughts on “Something little

  1. This is going to be very cool in mini, Do you have any paper punches and tissue? I won’t lie, making more flowers will take a long time, but you could if needed.

    1. I have a heart shaped punch that I could use for filler flowers between the store bought ones. I wouldn’t have to make a complete flower, clumps of petals would work too I think.
      I have a porcelain mannequin I could use as the base, or I could make a new one out of sculpey. Probably should just use the premade one, which ironically was part of a miniature wedding dress kit that I never bothered to put together.

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