What else to do?

My job search in Colorado is at a standstill, the college still hasn’t responded to my inquiry, and my unemployment check is barely enough to cover my expenses… I’m still paying off that student loan.  I had 23 cents left over from the check after making the loan payment and paying the cellphone bill.  Can’t really do anything with that.  Most people go out on Thursdays, me… I have to stay home and try not to incur any bills.  I keep telling Liz to stay healthy.  She just gives me that “wot?” look.

Therefore, I have started to search outside Colorado.  I’ve been unemployed for a month without even an interview to show for it.  I’m starting with Maryland since that is my home turf, AND they have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.  The climate sucks, but what else can I do?  sigh.  At least I have family there, it may be a dysfunctional family but it’s family all the same.

After I finish with the state website, I’ll start checking around to see what other states have lower unemployment rates.  Might as well hit them all.

So all of your tips, hints, prayers, and well wishes are appreciated. 😀


7 thoughts on “What else to do?

  1. My husband and I can TOTALLY relate to what you are going through – especially the strong desire for the pets to stay healthy. My husband is finishing up welding certification and should be able to get a good job here and FINALLY we’ll get wiggle room. You are not alone. There is a place for you, visualize where it is and believe it’s true. Cyber hug to you!!

      1. You might qualify for a Pell Grant or Scholarship? Not sure as I think you mentioned student loans your working on. I would definitely consider a trade education. More and more women are going into the trades – with the resurgence of manufacturing that’s where the jobs are for the time being. You’ll find your way!

      2. I can get a pell grant and my current loan is at $5K, which isn’t bad if I was still working. I’d hoped to have it paid off this year. I still could, but I don’t want to tap into my savings more than I have to… especially if I go back to school. If I manage to go back to school this fall, I’m too late for most scholarship deadlines.

  2. I understand the frustration. My husband was out of work for 10 months before he finally landed a part-time cashier’s job. Whoop-dee-doo, huh? It’s full time now, but still awfully meager for a family of five. Good luck in your search!! I think South Dakota also had low unemployment rates (’cause really, who wants to live there on purpose?).

    1. I should be grateful that it’s just me and the cat, though I have other obligations, they have their own means of support so I’ve been able to say “sorry, not now.” Yeah, both North and South Dakota have low unemployment, I haven’t looked to see what types of jobs they have available. I just don’t see myself as a professional sheepherder. I contacted another school today, they’re going to send me a packet. I figure worse case scenario, if I knew I was going to be out of work for an extended period of time, how would I want to have spent that time? The answer is further education to make myself more employable.

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