Random images and bad photography

That’s all I have for you today… you may wish to avert your eyes.

9 thoughts on “Random images and bad photography

  1. Oh Sims 3, how you have eaten away the hours of my life over the years. It’s sad how when that came out my sims homes would be pristine while my real house was so neglected it was on the verge of condemnation *snicker*

    Love those stars, very pretty.

    1. Thank you, the stars are pretty easy but I don’t what to do with them. I think I need to start a box for “experiments”. I tried to make a seahorse today, my efforts were unsuccessful. You know, now that I’m home all the time, I rarely go Simming anymore. I think that’s the fourth or fifth time I’ve played since being off. I guess I used it to decompress from work.

      1. I haven’t played it in a while, but haven’t dared uninstall it just yet. I always think I’ll find a time when I’ll want to poke in and build something.

      2. I have up to Pets, I haven’t really wanted any of the newer packs or expansions. Good thing, can’t afford it anyhow. Do you mod your game? Sometimes I think about playing the first Sims, relive the good old days.

      3. I don’t add much, maybe a few EA store items and only because I had points from preordering or some deal.The Katie Perry expansion kind of turned me off to be honest.

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