Yarn Happens

But what to make with it all?

It’s raining!  Hurray!

I’m on a cleaning kick and decided to tackle the yarn first.  On the good side, I didn’t cover the entire bed.  On the bad side, I have far more than I know what to do with.  I think I see a couple of shawls in my future, a zombie teddy bear pin cushion, some amigurumi and a cat blanket.  Maybe some felted slippers… I have A LOT of felting yarn.  I don’t usually wear slippers since I prefer socks, but maybe I’d wear them if I made them, especially wool ones.  Need to find a good, but free pattern… although I could just wing it like I do with most things.

I never had time for this sort of thing when I was working, now I have all the time in the world to be obsessively anal retentive.  I plan to tackle the closet in the workroom/office next, though my bedroom closet could do with a total purge as well.  There’s stuff in the office closet that hasn’t seen the light of day for ages.  I know I have loads of fleece fabric from when I made stuffed animals, maybe I can make blankets for shelter animals with it.  Depends on how much I have, but at least it’s machine washable unlike most of my yarn.

Since I’m essentially squatting in my parents’ house, I don’t have a whole lot of personal space and I need to stay organized and tidy.  One of my best purchases ever is that basket with the fabric liner seen to the left of the photo.  I bought two when they were on sale and they slide into my bookcase perfectly.

Lousy pic, but gives you an idea of what I’m talking about.

I also have an organizer, currently unused in the basement, I am thinking about bringing it upstairs.  It’s kind of like a cube organizer, only less useful due to being made of metal grid.  Metal grid is great for merchandising but a little flimsy for home use because of the connectors.  The industrial kind has metal clips, the home versions come with plastic.  I’m going to see if I can use it to corral my fabric.  I want to be able to move out without excess drama and confusion the moment the opportunity arises.  I really have too much stuff, there’s a trip or two to Goodwill that needs to happen.  Hard part is letting go of things I still like, but currently have no place for, things that cannot be replaced.

So you can see from the picture, it’s nothing fancy, metal grid with plastic connectors… and very dusty.

9 thoughts on “Yarn Happens

  1. There are some stunning shawls on Ravelry, I was eyeing a few in the before and after blocking thread. Fall will be here before long. Good luck with the purge, always feels good to get around to doing that, especially if you have an ulterior motive.

    1. I found one called… (goes and looks) called the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief that is similar to the Boneyard Shawl I knit before. The A of B&S has eyelets which give it a riveted look. Only needs 230 yds though. I’d like to do Wingspan but I don’t know that I have the right yarns for it. Do you knit too?

      1. Oooh, I just checked that out, very pretty. I have not tried knitting yet, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t try. I was hoping for Craftyminx’s knitting school, but since her place caught fire and all, I suppose I can cut her a little slack. I have found a few knitting tutorials out there with videos that seem good… maybe I should start a “2013” list and get a feel for how much I’m signing myself up for! You have no idea how many mini kits are sitting in a box for me in September – it’s scary bad.

      2. Fire? Eek, I missed that. Poor gal.
        Knitting and crochet go together like cookies and sunshine, it’s a happiness thing. Maybe check that yarn shop that’s near you to see if they have a beginning knitting class, having someone show you the basics makes everything easier. My sister taught me the long tail cast on, knit, purl, and casting off. Once I had the basics, I was able to teach myself everything else. I’m still learning (actually thinking of joining the knitting guild) and it’s a wonderful feeling to keep growing my skills.
        I hear you about the kits, that’s the main reason I need to clean out the closet in the office. I don’t know what I have anymore. Nor do I know what Liz has destroyed when I haven’t been looking.

      1. Aah well I’m from Northern England so we’re lucky if we ever see sun! so far July has been the wettest month on record:/ Haha that’s the fun part!

      2. It’s generally sunny here all year round, with 14 inches of rainfall annually. We had some terrible wildfires north of here that are just now getting contained with the rain we had. Of course, people in Denver are complaining that it’s flooding where they are now. Some people are never happy. England looks so pretty from the pictures I’ve seen. Someday I’d like to go and see it in person.

      3. Wow, we just had a months worth of rain in one day this weekend! There was lots of flooding! Haha I know what you mean! We can’t seem to win here…March was the hottest month on record and July has been the wettest! It is very pretty in the countryside. I live in Yorkshire and the Dales are lovely! I hope you make it here one day!

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