I thought about going out, does that count?

Gratuitous Cat Picture

I’ve been working on establishing a new routine, walking early in the morning before it gets too hot, then coming back to work on the afghan and job search via the computer.  This was bugging me, because I was only catching the first 30 minutes of my radio program before I had to scoot out the door.  So.  I’ve decided to wake up even earlier for my walk and be back by 6 to listen and stitch.  I didn’t walk Friday morning but I did the “listen and stitch” part and I think it’s going to work out well.  It gives me a set period of time to work on the afghan, then afterwards I can switch my focus to job search.

Apparently there was an art opening but I didn’t catch the time.  I gave some serious thought about going, which is a big step forward for me.  It means I’m starting to consider reengaging with others socially, and that’s a good thing.  There’s a good reason to tune in, anything that tempts me out of hiding is a positive step in the right direction.  Of course, I didn’t go, choosing instead to stay home and draw.  I’m working on a comic I’m calling Tinwood and Rabbit.  I woke up with a partial story line earlier this week and on Thursday, something my father said sparked the idea for a comic.  Normally I stay away from drawing cartoons, I guess I figured it’s a knack you either have or don’t have.  However, I have the plot, the main characters, a few peripheral characters, and a setting… why not draw it?  So I didn’t go… but I thought about it.

Finished a bit more on the afghan, setting time aside to focus on it really makes a big difference on the amount I get done.  I still work on it on and off during the day but I don’t get nearly as much accomplished.  I have to make more of the multicoloured squares and more of the white too.  I also have to figure out how many brown squares I’ll need.  Graph paper would make this easier, but where’s the fun in easy?

2 thoughts on “I thought about going out, does that count?

    1. I could use my phone, it has a radio but I have to wear earbuds. I worry about someone sneaking up on me while I’m walking. Rock and Roll was not created to be listened to softly.🙂

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