More school, oh joy

Don’t get me wrong, I love to learn new things, love new challenges to keep my mind and skills sharp.  My issue is with the bureaucracy that is entrenched within the education system.  However, it is through the flaming rings of educational bureaucracy I shall leap if that will lead me into a sustainable career.  Feeling a little grouchy about it, but I’ll get over it.

I asked the sabian what sort of classes I should take, mostly from curiosity, I need to talk to a career counselor before I make any course decisions.

Cancer 13: One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb
determination, confidence, education, rules

From this, it would appear that I would benefit from some people courses… being as shy as I am, this is my Achilles heel.  I can be very charming, but only for so long before I reach my “okay, you need to go away now” point.  It’s not that I don’t like people, I just like them better from a distance.  Ironically, this makes me pretty good at customer service and receptionist type jobs because you only interact with any given person for a 5 minute window (or less) and then you’re onto the next.  I can do so much more though.

I’d been thinking, aside from computer courses, that I would benefit from some classes in business.  This where the bureaucracy comes into it, I have computer and business skills but I bet I will be forced to take intro level courses before being allowed to get into the classes that will actually teach me something I don’t know.  I have real world experience which doesn’t fit neatly into a single course number.  I think anyone who has had to go back to school after working in the field will identify with that frustration.

I’m waiting to hear back from the Community College, doesn’t anyone work over there?  I’m filling my time doing maintenance on my computer, making a crocheted garland, the afghan, and feeling really old and helpless.  I’m not that old, or helpless, but that’s how I’m feeling lately.  I’m not sure if it’s stress or age that is making everything 10 times harder than it should be.  Maybe it’s that creepy picture… I do have to say, the gal pictured on the UI packet is really creepy with her sharklike smile and reptilian eyes… I hope for her sake she doesn’t really look like that and the pic is just badly photoshopped.  Creepy, creepy picture which gives the impression “You’re unemployed!  It’s great! Welcome to the club!” all the while filling you with the uneasy feeling that your soul is about to be sucked from your body.

6 thoughts on “More school, oh joy

  1. “I can be very charming, but only for so long before I reach my “okay, you need to go away now” point”.. is that wrong? *shrug* There’s only so much you can say to someone you just met, especially in a professional situation.

    Agreed about the bureaucracy; the classes can be great if you’re really interested, but the hoops are not exactly a highlight of the experience.

    1. Well it’s normal for me! I have to apply for a sales manager position tonight, I’m hoping it’s one of those who never call you back. The pay is decent though, not outstanding, but decent.
      Maybe it’s a Colorado thing, but people seem to think that they have a right to ask intrusive, personal questions of a gal… I don’t recall having that problem when I was in Maryland.

      1. Specific examples are not coming to mind, but things like personal relationships, my sexuality, why don’t I drive… and other NOTB type questions. It’s like they’re trying to determine a pecking order, or looking for dirt. It’s one thing when you’ve known someone for a while, but quite another to grill someone you just met. Anyone who’s seen me get twitterpated around a good looking fella knows without asking where my preferences are.

      2. Urgh, but how do you skirt those questions in an interview.. wonder if they’re seeing how you react since customers can sometimes go down that road?

      3. Urgh is right, I’ve become pretty good at answering them in a professional way… but they still shouldn’t be asking in the first place. You know, I’ve never had a customer ask me personal questions like that, except for the time someone asked me what brand of bra I wear… but I was working in the lingerie department at the time so it sort of went with the territory.

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