Time Spent Learning a New Skill is Never Wasted

Began seaming my 4 X 4 blocks together, working from the center out. The cat has started stealing my squares, I hope if I sew them together she’ll lose interest.

Knitting the panels for a new felted tote or handbag. The solid red piece is Alpine Wool by Lion Brand in cranberry. The piece in progress is Noro.

I haven’t been in a handbag mood so the felting wool has been put back upon the shelf for the time being.  I did finish the Noro piece before losing interest.

The crochet is coming along fairly well and I’ve added a few more blocks to my centre square.  I realized that I enjoy the process much more if I seam as I go along, as well as weaving the tails in, instead of doing it all at once.  This is definitely the “single woman’s afghan” since it will not be machine washable because of the Rowan.  Not very practical for houses with kids and messy SO’s.  Lucky for me, the cat doesn’t sleep on the bed… she’s allowed but doesn’t want to, but that may change when the afghan’s finished.  The weight on this is going to be wonderful.

It may not be a crocheted portrait of Axl Rose, but I’m happy with it.  Actually, I can’t think of anyone I’d make a crocheted portrait of… maybe something noir like an old black and white, classic movie poster, not necessarily a portrait.

On the subject of skills, I saw this clip on the making of the presidential flag.  I did not know they were completely hand sewn, nor did I know that the flags go with the president.  A new president means all new flags.  It may sound strange, but it makes me feel good to know that the flags are hand sewn in the United States.

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7 thoughts on “Time Spent Learning a New Skill is Never Wasted

    • Thank you, I’m really happy with it. Connecting them has worked, Liz the Mischief-Maker has moved onto other things. She’s even lost interest in my yarn, but that may be a ruse… the cat has quite a bit of acting talent. How’s your afghan coming along?

      • Did a bit of work since I last posted, but am trying to focus on the Spring Fling again. Have you tackled that at all? I know you had an initial plan.

      • My heart hasn’t been in it, and Liz had a go at it and broke something, so I have to fix that. I may just forgo the contest and post what I am doing on the blog. One big problem for me has been the heat, the swamp cooler doesn’t cool the work room down very well.

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