Still looking

Some highlights from my job search:

Potential exposure to routine, communicable
diseases through regular contact with employees and the public at large.

May be required to restrain hostile or
chemically affected individuals and transport them to appropriate facilities.

Occasional exposure of work time to hazardous situations which involve
physically violent persons, interviewing mentally or emotionally disturbed
persons or bodily injury from biohazards, infections, or blood-borne

seeking a hands-on, energetic individual to assist with our crystal
growing process

I wonder about the legality of that last one.  Oh well, the search continues.

12 thoughts on “Still looking

  1. The first three sound like jobs I have actually had ! omg never thought of them that way… (I worked in an ER and in a Mental Facility).. the last one…I dunno…lol

    1. I think most jobs have some potential for that sort of thing, I’m still wondering about the crystal growers too. I should apply just to satisfy my curiosity. “Just What do you DO here? Speak into the microphone, please. Thanks.”

    1. Hun, no one is hiring. Another photo studio closed last year and most of those people are still out of work or working retail. I know of one who managed to get a job with the city doing archiving. It’s bad. I’ll find something though, I just don’t know what or where yet.

      1. Oh well. It just seemed right for you. (sigh) Good luck and keep up the good search. Souunds like the ads require a lot of discerment (crystal growing????).

      2. I’m going through the workforce center and I sorted the jobs by city. Some photography related jobs may open up in fall, but those are usually temporary. Actually, most of the jobs I’m seeing are temporary or low paying. There were two assistant manager positions that I would qualify for… but I really don’t want to go back into retail. My body can’t take that kind of punishment anymore.

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