So… I finally joined, I be KRubidoux on there, the original.  It was painless and quick, somehow I had the idea that it would be a hassle.  I’m staring at the welcome page feeling a little overwhelmed, but not because of Ravelry so much.  It’s hot, and I have to clean my office.  I don’t know where to start.  The cat got into my yarn again, I’m ticked off with the shipping place, the freaking cleaning crew is coming tomorrow… and I am grouchy.

I guess I thought that joining Ravelry would perk me up a bit, but when it’s this hot the last thing I want to think about is yarn, sweaters, wool socks, and blankets… all of which I love, just not when it’s hot.  So I turned the cooler back on and I’m waiting for a deaf demon from the underworld to stomp out and snarl something about the water bill.

The bear from juju

Actually I feel a little better now that I vented a bit, and made some in roads on my mess of a desk.  My desk can’t be too clean, otherwise my creativity packs up and leaves, on the other hand, if it’s too messy I have no room to work.  Now that I’ve cleared a little space I have new ideas forming, a pin cushion for one, and a small doll.  Speaking of dolls, my felted man is missing and I have a feeling I know who has him.  I’ll attempt a rescue mission tomorrow when it’s light, I’ve no


clue what she’s done with him.  I’m glad she didn’t grab my bear from Juju or my Moogle, cause then I’d be mad.  I think my next doll will be a messy desk gnome.

5 thoughts on “Ravelry

  1. My youngest daughter is a skilled needle-felter. But we got so discouraged when all her pieces, eventually, somehow found their way into a dog’s mouth. It took all the fun out of felting things of a practical nature. I have a number of felted animals and flowers that I took to the office for safe-keeping, but her adventures in wet-felting all turned into unintentional dog toys. Now, all her felting wool sits idle. I hope that your cat has been gentle with your felted man. Hopefully, she just wanted a little snuggle and not a mauling.

    1. Aww, that’s a shame. It’s hard to get mad at them, but it’s so frustrating when they steal your projects. Little Man was not the best creation ever, if he’s a little mangled I can always patch him up. It’s when she “kills” my good yarn that I get aggravated. How big is the dog?

      1. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that there are five dogs: Jazz, a miniature poodle (smart, sensitive); Nutty, a silky terrier (energetic and goofy, fully recovered from life before rescue); Garnet, a Schauzer-affenpinscher mix (bright and scared, recovering from her life before rescue); Tribble, Garnet’s daughter and an alleged Schauzer/affenpinscher/poodle/beagle mix (bright, energetic, sweet, yet oddly aggressive at times); and Ember, a standard poodle (deaf, frightens easily, and a meditation master). We used to have mastiffs, but after they died, I wanted smaller dogs that I could more easily take care of when they age. I just couldn’t boost a 250-pound dog into the car myself when she couldn’t walk and needed to go to the vet. Of course, we also have two cats and three parrots. The cats would snuggle the felted creations, rather than maul, and the parrots don’t care.

      2. I bet it’s hard to keep anything away from that crew! I should be thankful that our border collie is too busy watching the cat to get into much mischief. Oh, and I found little man. I actually put him in the bin with the roving to keep him safe, which would explain why she’s been so intent on trying to get into the bin with the roving.

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