Afghan Progress Report

So far, I have one big square, one medium square, and twenty small squares.  UPS tells me my new yarn is currently in Commerce City, CO.  Isn’t it strange that it only took two days to get from Ohio to Indiana to Colorado, but once it’s here in Colorado it takes another three work  days to get to me?

Now that I have more free time, I find that I get less done.  I’ve also discovered naps.  Naps are great, but could be the reason I don’t get much accomplished.  Still nothing on the job hunt, that’s why a big project like this afghan is good.  It gives me something to focus on so I don’t go batsh*t crazy.  On the bright side, my cat likes me better now that I’m around all the time.  I’m also working out more, which puzzles the cat.  She stares at me like I am performing some strange ritual to a heathen god.

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