Some baking and choosing sweaters for annihilation

I finally got a chance to bake Blondies!  I followed the recipe posted by Gluten-free Medley though I made a few changes.  I used a different gf baking mix since that is what I had on hand and I added sweetened coconut in addition to the chocolate chips.  I want to try her Lemon Poppy seed scones next.  With all the flying poo that sums up my life currently, I realized that I don’t have any comfort foods anymore.  They all went the way of the dodo when I had to go gluten-free.  I have high hopes for the blondies.  I have come up with a tortilla pizza casserole that turned out pretty good, it was even better the next day and definitely helped with the pizza withdrawal I’m going through.  Another quick treat I found is warming up gf chocolate cake in the microwave and spreading peanut butter on top of the warm cake.  Gluten-free cake seems to go stale quickly, so between the microwave and the peanut butter, it’s easy to revitalize into something tasty.  I really shouldn’t eat peanut butter either, but how can something good for you be that bad?

While I was sorting laundry, I spied an ugly sweater.  I bought it on clearance a few years back and it never quite fit right.  It’s too wide and too short… even for me, it would have been perfect in the Flash Dance era.  It makes a statement, and that statement is “Pink Hobo”.  Since I don’t wear it, it’s a perfect candidate for yarn reclamation.  100% Cotton!  I thought I had a blue one that was also a dog, but I can’t find it.  I may have donated it at some point.  I think I should raid the basement for old clothes… I’m sure there’s a sweater or two down there.

11 thoughts on “Some baking and choosing sweaters for annihilation

    1. They weren’t too bad, a bit like coffee cake in some ways. I think I need to add a little oil next time I make them.
      Liz is already eyeing up the sweater, with a look that says “I eat dis”.

    1. I’ll have to think about the pillow idea, I hadn’t considered it before but it would save a lot of work unraveling the sweater. Do you have any sweater pillows on your blog?

      1. Thanks! That gives me some ideas, the sweater is in good shape despite being 3 inches too wide and 4 inches too short. Do you just use fiber fill to stuff yours?

      2. Yes. I used to buy those pillow forms, but now I usually use stuffing. Sweater pillows are SUPER soft and especially cozy to put out in winter. Have fun with yours!🙂

      3. Cool, I have stuffing left over from when I used to make stuffed animals. I’m sure there is enough to make a pillow. I’ll post a picture when I’m done.🙂

  1. The sweater pillows are a very cute idea, I’ll keep an eye out for your finished project. I hope your spirits are up today and that having some time to bake helped you see the silver lining of your temporary forced vacation. Hugs!

    1. I just realized I hadn’t replied to this, I’m sorry. My head’s in a crazy space right now. I am going with the pillow idea, and I picked another shirt to use with it, but that’s as far as I’ve got. I should draw out my ideas before I forget.

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