That space between hope and hopelessness

I’m not sure what made me think about this, it could have been the foul-mouthed teen girls seated in the back of the bus, or the young couples walking hand in hand through the mall, or even the families of all colours, sizes, and economic backgrounds sprouting up everywhere.  Each person, a representative of this town.  Today it hit me that I am in that sliver of a moment between hope and hopeless, feeling lost and alone, yet trusting that if I keep moving everything will be fine.  It’s graduation season, my least favorite part of the year, when I get to identify graduating seniors by screening substandard video while listening to garbled audio, and then processing craptacular handheld photography taken by a couple of burned out photographers.  I have two weeks of work left and today I spent some time looking into unemployment and I also checked to see what was new in regards to available jobs.  I learned that I can’t apply for unemployment until my last day, I’ve never applied before so this is all new to me.  It appears my best chance for finding work is in another, larger, city.  To quote an acquaintance, “it’s time to leave the village.”  I do feel hopeless about this town… though I don’t feel any better about Denver.  Denver is not on my list, neither is Pueblo.  Lots of people love Denver.  I’m not one of them.  I haven’t heard anyone say they love Pueblo, actually most people call it an armpit… duly noted.  I haven’t been there to verify it’s armpit status.

I’m also looking outside of Colorado, which led me to do a search on the best cities for pedestrians.  Surprisingly, two of the best cities for winter walking were Boston, MA and Boulder, CO.  Boston gets about 42″ of snow annually, while Boulder receives 82″… I’ve been to Boulder, yeah they shovel, but those sidewalks are still pretty slick.  I hate snow.  Not fond of ice either.  By comparison, we get about 24″ of snow here annually.  Someone mentioned that Toronto is a nice city, I wonder how hard it is to find work there for a foreigner.  Hmm, 52″ of snow… more than Boston, but a sight better than Boulder.  I’m not looking to immigrate though, so that’s out I guess.  I didn’t see anything about work visas on their website, although I guess I could do a search on it.  On the other hand, I have a whole lot of cities here at home to dig around in so it makes sense to start here first.

6 thoughts on “That space between hope and hopelessness

    1. I’ve only been there in the winter, it was pretty covered in the ice and snow… the people seemed nice too. The friend I was visiting was living in a rat trap apartment… so that side of things wasn’t so nice. Who am I kidding, I’ll go wherever I find work but if I have a choice, good mass transit and walker friendly would be my pick.

      1. I agree about great mass transit. After living in Portland we gained an appreciation for great mass transit. It does snow here. People say it melts the next day but I have to be honest….it doesn’t always melt the next day. Our patio this winter was covered in snow, lots of snow, for days! Walker friendly is another plus..I agree! We have one car right now and if it wasn’t for our walkable neighborhood I don’t know what I would do.

    1. “Don’t panic! Don’t panic! We are trained professionals!”
      I’m thinking those snapshots probably were a lot more interesting than what I had to look at. One photog was shooting like his camera was trying to escape. The other guy… well, there’s been talk of getting him a seeing eye dog then training the dog to shoot the pics.

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