Babbling away on a grey day

Some days there’s not much going on, the birds are hopping around outside my window, making small talk with each other, it looks like it wants to rain.  Tim the Handyman was here to fix the toilet, apparently we nearly had a plumbing disaster… but isn’t that what they always say?  So the toilet is “fixed” but it still sounds like we have a banshee trapped behind the walls, I’m told it’s air in the pipes.  It sounds like we need an exorcist more than a plumber.

It’s Liz’s birthday!  She’s one year old today.  She got some new foam balls to play with.  The old ones were in bad shape.  She likes the foam ones because they are easy to carry.

Liz doesn’t care if it’s her birthday, everyday is HER day if you know what I mean.  She’s loved and cared for and she’s happy, what more could any of us want.  My birthday is next week and I don’t really care either.  The boss is making me take the day off… seriously, I’d rather work.  He’s not doing it to be nice.  I think I’d rather forget all about it.

Still plugging away on that felt doll, it sort of looks like a fuzzy voodoo doll at this point.  The new needles I bought are alot sharper than the cheap ones I got off of Amazon.  I’ve already drawn blood.  Very, very sharp, but they work a whole lot better.  Now if I can keep my fingers out of the way, things will be great.

I walked 16 miles this week.  I feel good about that.  Of course, all of the exercise addicts scoff  “Is that all?”  But you know what?  I don’t care what they think.  My goal is better health, not to conform to some stereotypical standard of beauty which has nothing to do with being healthy.  Some people, that’s all they do, work out 3 or 4 times a day everyday.  That seems so boring to me, and dangerous, what kind of strain is that putting on the body?  Oh, what does it matter, if it makes them happy then have at it.

I wish it would rain and get it over with, it’s been too long since we had a nice rainy day.

  • All images © 2012 Kathryn Rubidoux

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